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nomadnorrie From Sydney to the formula 1 grand prix in Shanghai, Beijing, South Korea, Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine and Europe. Final destination by train is London. Hopping on a flight to Finland, then on to Japan and finally back to Sydney.

Gallery: ZhouZhuang

CHINA | Friday, 5 Oct 2007 | Photo Gallery

Pictures of my visit to the Ming, Qing and Yuan dysnaty era canal town
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Shanghai subway

CHINA | Wednesday, 3 Oct 2007 | Views [922]

The subway train system in Shanghai is actually pretty good, it's cheap, fast, easy to use and it is definately the best way of getting around. The first problem is that there are so many people using it, particularly now because it is a Chinese national ... Read more >

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Chinese cake shops

CHINA | Tuesday, 2 Oct 2007 | Views [7919] | Comments [1]

I popped into a cake shop today to buy something quick to eat. Just pick something up that looks good, pay and I'm all sorted I thought. As I was browsing the cake labels (with only Mandarin characters on) I noticed that many of the buns had meat in ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

Shanghai - about town

CHINA | Monday, 1 Oct 2007 | Views [1671] | Comments [1]

I found The Bund today, it's amazing. The skyline on the eastern side of the river looks terribly exotic. The downside, well there were lots of other tourists about and because of that there were lots of touts about too. "Hello, where do you come ... Read more >

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Gallery: Shanghai

CHINA | Monday, 1 Oct 2007 | Photo Gallery

Photos taken while in Shanghai
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The train to Shanghai

CHINA | Saturday, 29 Sep 2007 | Views [517]

The D31 train from Beijing to Shanghai was a world away from the dreadful CityRail in Sydney. After enduring a few years of pathetically slow and late or cancelled trains it was a refreshing change. There was plenty of room in 1st class, the seats ... Read more >

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First day in Beijing

CHINA | Friday, 28 Sep 2007 | Views [1234]

I arrived in Beijing last night feeling very tired. My plans for today were to have a brief stroll around Tiananmen square, to work out how to use the underground and to find the language centre where I shall be studying Mandarin. I wanted to set the ... Read more >

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Beijing airport

CHINA | Thursday, 27 Sep 2007 | Views [459] | Comments [1]

Beijing airport is very expensive for things like maps, a tourist map of Beijing with both pinyin and Chinese characters is AUD$20. Around Beijing they are AUD$2. If you are thinging of coming to Beijing either arrive in Beijing with a map or buy one ... Read more >

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