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Nick and Bec's Big Trip Starting on the 29th of June 2008 Bec and I will be starting a year long adventure, spending 6 months in Africa and another 6 months in South America. It should be lots of fun.

Trip: Africa is go for launch!

There are [15] stories from my trip: Africa is go for launch!

Mountain biking in Morocco with only one gear

MOROCCO | Saturday, 20 Dec 2008 | Views [689] | Comments [4]

We are in Morocco, it is really chilly.  There is snow in the mountains and ice on the road.  This will probably be the last journal entry for Africa.  Next is a break in England and back into the thick of it in South America, Brazil to be precise!  ... Read more >

Camel plus desert equals a sore bum

TUNISIA | Monday, 1 Dec 2008 | Views [954] | Comments [2]

At the moment we are in Houmt Souq, Jerba, Tunisia.  It is colder than I expected, but the sky is blue and we are smiling.  Here is our latest adventure, a brief camel trip to the Sahara. 26th November - Back from the Sahara, Douz We are back from ... Read more >

Tea in a Brazilian Coffee shop in Alexandria

EGYPT | Wednesday, 12 Nov 2008 | Views [1042] | Comments [2]

We are in Alexandria on the Mediterranean Sea.  Here's a few extracts from the diary for Egypt. 29th October - The Cairo Taxi We hailed a cab, painted roughly black and white with standard array of dents, and did the normal haggling, messing around, ... Read more >

Four Yorkshire Men Discussing African Bus Travel

KENYA | Saturday, 25 Oct 2008 | Views [864] | Comments [1]

Here is the second journal entry for the day.  My take on bus travel in Africa.  Check out Monty Pythons original four Yorkshire men sketch for my inspiration. 17th October - Eldoret to Kembu campsite (Kenya) Another traveling day, slightly easier ... Read more >

Nutella and Banana Chipatis

UGANDA | Saturday, 25 Oct 2008 | Views [405]

We have arrived in Egypt!  Our first flight in nearly four months.  Anyway here are a couple of journal entries to keep you going. 12th October - Nile River Explorers Campsite, Jinja How do I describe today!  Well this morning Bec and I went for a ... Read more >

Volcanos in the Mist

RWANDA | Friday, 3 Oct 2008 | Views [1278] | Comments [2]

Bec and I are in Kigali the capital of Rwanda.  We have just got back from climbing Mt Bisoke (extinct volcano at 3711m high) and gorilla treking in Volcano National Park northern Rwanda. You'll have to excuse spelling mistakes.  I am using a french ... Read more >

The Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area

SWAZILAND | Friday, 19 Sep 2008 | Views [656]

We are back in Arusha after a 10 day jaunt to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Plus an epic trip up Volcano Lengai, a whopping 2878metre above sea level. The volcano is active, last erupted in April and scared me silly. The diary ... Read more >

The bus to Chipata - Jackie Chan rules the road

TANZANIA | Saturday, 30 Aug 2008 | Views [707] | Comments [4]

Bec and I are in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  We have travelled here by the Tazara train, covering 1860km in 46 hours. It rained last night and this morning.  We got caught in it this morning and had to shelter under a leaky umbrella, then the rest of ... Read more >

Leopard Sighted!

ZAMBIA | Sunday, 17 Aug 2008 | Views [363] | Comments [3]

Bec and I are now in Lusaka.  Since leaving Livingstone we travelled to the Zambesi River near Chirundu and went on a three day two night canoe trip, staying at the fantastic Zambesi Breezes campsite the night before.  The steak and chips were excellent.... Read more >

Dr Livingstone I presume

ZAMBIA | Saturday, 9 Aug 2008 | Views [597]

We are in Livingstone.  The Gecko's tour has finished and we are on our own and enjoying ourselves.  The next thing on the horizon is a 3 day 2 night canoeing trip on the Lower Zambesi starting on the 13th August.  Spotting hippos and crocs along the ... Read more >

Spitskoppe, Etosha, Okavango and now Chobe

BOTSWANA | Sunday, 3 Aug 2008 | Views [1019] | Comments [2]

Bec and I are in Kasane, Botswana.  We have been busy since I last wrote.  From Swakopmund we tavelled to Cape Cross to see a seal colony, then Spitskoppe, Etosha National Park, then into Botswana for the Okavango Delta and now Chobe National Park.  ... Read more >

Cape Town township tour and Namibia!

NAMIBIA | Wednesday, 23 Jul 2008 | Views [432] | Comments [2]

Were are now in Namibia, Swakopmund to be precise.  This is a small town on the west coast of the African continent, sandwiched between desert and sea. Here are a couple for extracts from my hand written journal from the last few days: 21st July. ... Read more >

Elephants and Zip-Lines

SOUTH AFRICA | Wednesday, 16 Jul 2008 | Views [302] | Comments [4]

We are now in Cape Town and it does feel strange after spending two weeks under canvas and sitting around a camp fire.  I now realise I smell of smoke and probably look quite grubby. Since the last entry we have been busy!  We spent the 10th of July ... Read more >

Zulus everywhere, thousands of 'em

SOUTH AFRICA | Thursday, 10 Jul 2008 | Views [441] | Comments [4]

1st post of the big trip.  We are currently in Grahams Town, South Africa restocking the truck with supplies.  To describe what we have done already would take an eternity, certainly longer than I have Rand to pay for it.  Here is the very short and ... Read more >

It is 9:05pm, packing is finished, it is time for bed

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 28 Jun 2008 | Views [237] | Comments [2]

Well the final day is nearly over.  We leave for Jo'burg tomorrow.  The flight is at 10am, so we are off to the airport early tomorrow morning.  It is strange to think that the trip is finally here and starts for real in a few hours time.  One more sleep.... Read more >