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Four Yorkshire Men Discussing African Bus Travel

KENYA | Saturday, 25 October 2008 | Views [864] | Comments [1]

Here is the second journal entry for the day.  My take on bus travel in Africa.  Check out Monty Pythons original four Yorkshire men sketch for my inspiration.

17th October - Eldoret to Kembu campsite (Kenya)

Another traveling day, slightly easier than yesterday, a minibus to Nakuru and a minibus to Kenana farm, the location of Kembu campsite.  Not a bad spot, almost looks like the English countryside with fields dotted with trees and Fresian cows, plus a slight whiff of cow poo.  Ah, lovely.

I can best sum up Africa bus travel by adapting the Monty Python four Yorkshire men sketch.  So here goes.  Get your Yorkshire accent warmed up.

Four Yorkshire Men Discussing African Bus Travel

1st Yorkshire man: I remember the days on the bus from Dar es Salaam to Arusha when you could get hot cup of Africa tea.

2nd Yorkshire man: You were lucky, on the bus from Livingstone to Kafue all we got was water.

3rd Yorkshire man:  Was it cold?

2nd Yorkshire man: Aye.

3rd Yorkshire man: You were lucky, on the bus from Kigali to Kampala we got warm water collected from back of petrol station.

4th Yorkshire man: Luxury!  We used to have two bums to one seat on the minibus from Malaba to Eldoret.

1st Yorkshire man:  You were lucky!  All we had was head rest to sit on.

2nd Yorkshire man: Head rest!  Bloody luxury.  We had plastic barrel and muzungus knees as back rest.

3rd Yorkshire man: Muzungus knees as back rest?

2nd Yorkshire man: Aye.

3rd Yorkshire man: Bloody luxury.  If we were lucky we'd get plank of wood wedged between seats.

4th Yorkshire man: Was wood smooth?

3rd Yorkshire man: Aye, it was.

1st Yorkshire man: Luxury, we'd be lucky to get seat, often had to stand bent double.

2nd Yorkshire man: You were lucky we would often have to sit beneath said standing passenger breathing in armpit smell.

3rd Yorkshire man: We fitted 30 people in a minibus from Sipi Falls to Tororo with only 14 seats.

1st Yorkshire man: All luxury!  We were so crammed on bus from Mwanza to Benacco we had to climb out window!

4th Yorkshire man:  Was the window glass?

1st Yorkshire man: Aye, glass.

4th Yorkshire man: Luxury, on the minibus from Tororo to Malaba the windows were made of cling film.

2nd Yorkshire man: You were lucky, our minibus had chickens pecking at your heals.

3rd Yorkshire man: Alive chickens?

2nd Yorkshire man: Aye.

3rd Yorkshire man: Luxury!  Our bus to Benacco had dead fish flapping against side of bus.

All Yorkshire men: And you tell this to people back home and they won't believe you!  Luxury!!

What can I say, apart from it is all true.  



Well you really have had experience of travelling in Africa. British/Aussie buses will never be the same again.

  Pat Oct 27, 2008 12:10 AM

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