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Nick and Bec's Big Trip Starting on the 29th of June 2008 Bec and I will be starting a year long adventure, spending 6 months in Africa and another 6 months in South America. It should be lots of fun.

Trip: South America and beyond

There are [10] stories from my trip: South America and beyond

Through Our Eyes

CHILE | Thursday, 25 Jun 2009 | Views [761] | Comments [5]

Thinking about how to sum up a year of travel, through some of the poorest countries on the planet.  A thought provoking journey.  A trip to cut through the crap we are told by media: newspapers, TV and the internet. Countries in debt up to their eye ... Read more >

A damp Bogota, full of gold

COLOMBIA | Wednesday, 17 Jun 2009 | Views [620] | Comments [2]

A couple of weeks ago we crossed the border into Columbia and travelled north through Pasto, Popayan, San Agustin on the way to Bogota.  From there we took a flight to the Carribean sea, Cartagena.  We wandered the streets of the historical town, now ... Read more >

Natural Selection: Survival of the Fittest

ECUADOR | Saturday, 30 May 2009 | Views [699] | Comments [3]

We are in Ecuador, leaving tomorrow for Columbia.  Since I wrote last we have been to Machu Picchu, flown over the Nasca lines, popped into Lima and hopped on a plane to Quito.  Here in Ecuador we have been to The Galapagos and the Amazon jungle. Here ... Read more >

The not so sunny Isla del Sol

PERU | Sunday, 26 Apr 2009 | Views [796] | Comments [3]

We have arrived in Cuzco, Peru.  Inka capital and centre of the Inka empire.  Here are a couple of diary entries from our last two days in Bolivia. 8th April - Bus to Copacabana Sitting on the bus today was a great way to watch the world go by.  You ... Read more >

I have seen the rings of Saturn and I have walked upon the Moon

BOLIVIA | Friday, 3 Apr 2009 | Views [786] | Comments [2]

We have moved slightly to Sucre and have been to see dinosaur footprints over 68 million years old.  More about that another day.  Here´s a diary entry from the 24th March, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. My evangelical title, but worth it.  It all starts ... Read more >

Fun with Nick and Bec. Climbing a 6b at El Salto, Mendoza

BOLIVIA | Tuesday, 31 Mar 2009 | Views [794] | Comments [3]

We are in Potosi, Bolivia the highest city in the world apparently at around 4060 metres high. It feels high. We arrived in Bolivia via the Bolivian Altiplano and the Salar de Uyuni. Here is blog for today, Bec and I climbing. 13th March - ... Read more >

Knee friction in Pucon, Chile. Plus the importance of sock height

CHILE | Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009 | Views [764] | Comments [3]

We are in Mendoza, Argentina.  Since the last blog we have travelled north from Bariloche.  The weather is warm to really hot, the sky is blue and we are tired, but enjoying ourselves.  So here goes, a couple of extracts and a day in Pucon. 24th February ... Read more >

Chile to the left, Argentina to the right, we are going north

CHILE | Saturday, 21 Feb 2009 | Views [482] | Comments [2]

We are in Bariloche, Argentina. Smack bang in the middle of the Patagonian Andes. We arrived here the day before yesterday after taking a two day bus up ´Ruta 40´. Next is more trekking, this time a high level traverse in Nahuel Huapi national park.... Read more >

Torres del Paine at 5:30am

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 7 Feb 2009 | Views [345] | Comments [1]

Here is the second diary entry for today. It is day five out of ten of our trek around Torres del Paine and an exta bit called the ´Q´. 31st January - Day 5, Sighting the Towers at 5:30am, plus Campamento Torres to Hosteria Las Torres We have just ... Read more >

Don´t cry for me Argentina

BRAZIL | Saturday, 7 Feb 2009 | Views [533] | Comments [3]

We are in Puerto Natales, southern Chile. Way down south, nearly as far as you can go without getting wet feet or getting a boat to a cold place called Antartica or something like that. So what have we been up to? The answer is heaps. Due to a ... Read more >