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Nick and Bec's Big Trip Starting on the 29th of June 2008 Bec and I will be starting a year long adventure, spending 6 months in Africa and another 6 months in South America. It should be lots of fun.

Dr Livingstone I presume

ZAMBIA | Saturday, 9 August 2008 | Views [597]

We are in Livingstone.  The Gecko's tour has finished and we are on our own and enjoying ourselves.  The next thing on the horizon is a 3 day 2 night canoeing trip on the Lower Zambesi starting on the 13th August.  Spotting hippos and crocs along the way.

Here is yesterdays diary entry:

August 8th, start of the olympics

Bec and I are in complex and vitally important dinner discussions, our choices are eat at the backpackers, Jolly Boys, for 50,000ZK, or head out to the 48hour bar and restaurant for a lonely planet price of 2USD or next door at Shambas for 1USD, or cook our own, rice bolognaise purchased from the OK Supermarket.  I think the cheapest option will win.  With the lonely planet being typically inaccurate it could go any way.  Oh the excitment!  No it is ok, we have had a very relaxing day.

This morning we walked to the Livingstone museum where we learnt about human prehistory, village life under the influence of western society (slowly degenerating into poverty), natural history and Zambia's recent political history and the struggle for independence plus Dr David Livingstone.

Over the past few weeks we have seen plenty of lions, but seeing one up close in the natural history section you realise how big they are.  They are really really big.  Its head would be about the same height as my chest.  I know I am short, but I am not that short.  To see a lion of pride of lions making the kill would be impressive.  I know it sounds blood thirsty, but that is nature and as a part of nature it would be great to witness.  All snarling and gnashing of teeth.

Zambia's colonial history and post colonial history is very similar to many other African countries.  Starting at colonisation by white europeans, for example Cecil John Rhodes and the British South Africa Company.  Bec said earlier, "Africans are very optemistic people", I would have to agree, they certainly are.  Then followed by racisim, exploitation, fight for independence and the troubled start of multi-party democracy.  Zamiba became independent and part of the commonwealth in 1964 and really only became a true democracy in 1999-2001.  Very recent.

The museum was very enjoyable and it was our museum legs that meant we had to stop looking and reading.

We ate at Limpo's in the end.  It was the cheapest, tasty too.

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