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Europe, europe! so good they called it europe!

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 3 January 2006 | Views [675]

Hmmmmm, well its about time i told everyone about the trip so far now that i actually have a little time. At the moment i'm at edinbrugh backpackers. Not bad , but not brilliant, at least the people are ok. |Just finished watching Shaun of the dead with some yanks. Bloody funny. Anyhow, the trip so far.......

Lets see, very eventful plane trip as i've already said. France was nice, went to the academy of beer which is one of the funnest places ever. (By the way i only got as far as strasbourg but that is france so at least i can say that i've been there!) It was a really nice town, i guess it's like you expect olde worlde europe to be. The day after that sarah and i went to neuschwanstein castle. this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I can see why king ludwig or whatever his name is built it. I'm no art nut but the murals and pictures on the wall absolutely took my breath away. I'd go back there in a second it was absolutely beautiful especially in the snow.

the day after that Sarah and i met Emma (Sarah's sister) and Kylie (a friend from home) in munich. I have come under the impression that the european, particularly german public transport system hates me. On the simple trip to the airport from the city, the train was late (this does not happen in germany) it broke down or was on fire or something - not exactly sure about that one the announcements were in german- the next train we got on had a problem as well, we got kicked off for buses, the buses never turned up, and then we finally got back on a train to the airport! So, drove to Austriathen. I can honestly say that i have never seen so much snow in my life!, and have never felt more weired in my life in a car. Why can't europeans drive on the left hand side of the road like normal people? It's dangerous on the right!!!!!

So, i had a weeks worth snowy fun over christmas. Had slight pangs of home sickness especially since the whole family was at home in australia except me, but had a generally brilliant time. There were a few hiccups, sibling screaming tiffs from sarah and emma and me nearly knocking myself out skiing down one of the runs- i'm pretty sure i gave myself a concussion.....damn fantastic european fantastic powder snow and unco-ordinated me on skis! We got 2 private lessons with a ski instructor, which was sweet (he was really nice and a really good teacher,....pity he wasn't hot!). Yeah i know, i'm shallow and superficial! Christmas was nice, we cooked a roast and went for a horse drawn sleigh ride which was really a horse and cart but it was fun, even if it was false advertising. Went tabbogganing, turns out i'm really good at it"! Gravity is my friend!!!! And finally, a personal highlight for me, emma and i went swimming at the pool at fieberbrunn (the resort town) and they have this pool outside with snow all around it but the water is really warm even when its snowing. It was wonderful, the only down side is the first time we went i was an idiot and wore my boardies there, not only did i get funny looks from people walking around in the snow in shorts, i had to walk 15 minutes back to the apartment in wet shorts! brrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! yeah i know, my own stupid fault ! only nadia would do something like that!!! Well it was cold, but worth it!

Better go for now, will write a post on new years in edinburgh and london soon. Miss you all!

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