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There's No Turning Back Now.

USA | Monday, 7 Sep 2009 | Views [484]

Fall is officially here. Technically, we should still have two more weeks of summer to enjoy before it is officially fall. Regardless of the fact that I've lived in Seattle for 25 years, I still find myself constantly surprised at this city's bipolar ... Read more >

Dov'e la spiaggia? (Which way to the beach?)

USA | Sunday, 9 Aug 2009 | Views [595]

I am officially half way through my summer vacation. Only six weeks (and that visa I'm still waiting for) lie between me and my year in Spain. I couldn't be more excited. I could however deal with being less nervous. I've found it hard to enjoy siestas ... Read more >

Taking on the Spanish Education System. One subject at a time.

USA | Sunday, 2 Aug 2009 | Views [786]

I never thought I would add "ESL teacher" to the list of jobs I've held. Truth be told, I was one of those children in elementary school who steered clear of the kids in the ESL classes. I read books condemning the horrific history of segregation ... Read more >

Gallery: Reunion in Positano

ITALY | Thursday, 2 Jul 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Back to Reality

USA | Thursday, 2 Jul 2009 | Views [441]

I am officially back in the PST Time zone, calling Seattle (or rather Burien) home again. Although, I can't say I have actually adjusted to this time. The sun is telling me I should be enjoying breakfast and morning errands, but my internal clock says ... Read more >

Dance, Pray,...Love?

ITALY | Saturday, 20 Jun 2009 | Views [2371]

Many of you already know that Elizabeth Gilbert's much-acclaimed memoir, "Eat Pray Love" is a personal favorite of mine. Her tale of her attempts to rediscover her identity post-divorce as she traveled the world has been a bible ... Read more >

Roman Holiday: Burien Style

ITALY | Thursday, 18 Jun 2009 | Views [587]

I almost didn't make it to Roma. I'd spent countless hours planning out the itinerary for my whirlwind 2 week trip through Europe with my sister and her BFF , Trisha. Ridiculous amounts of euros had been wasted on researching the best hostels and sending ... Read more >

A Journey Shared

GERMANY | Monday, 8 Jun 2009 | Views [394]

My journey started last fall or maybe sooner You prayed, paid, studied. I journaled, wept and shared. Preparing to learn, explore and befriend. Setting up to mentor, impart and guide. We both google searched images, set up blogs for family, friends. ... Read more >

My Final Hours as a T.A.

GERMANY | Monday, 8 Jun 2009 | Views [417]

On my last day in Berlin I feel like I should be out visiting museums, snapping photos of the remaining Berlin wall and picking up souveniers for family members at home. Instead I am frantically completing our group's financial spreadsheet, double ... Read more >

A Gem in the Former GDR

GERMANY | Monday, 25 May 2009 | Views [597]

I'm writing this as we rumble along the 30 minute stretch inbetween Erfurt and Weimar. Only 15 miles seperate the two cities so we've chosen to travel this leg of the journey by bus. A last minute change of plans caused us to reschedule our departure ... Read more >

A Dozen Days of Restful "Productivity"

GERMANY | Wednesday, 20 May 2009 | Views [686]

gAfter a 12 day stay in Weinheim, it's finally time to say goodbye (or auf weidersehen rather) and head NE for a week in Erfurt. Weinheim is located in the Baden-Wurttemberg state of Germany, situated pretty much between Stuttgart and Frankfurt. This ... Read more >

Travel Loves

FRANCE | Friday, 1 May 2009 | Views [369]

To clear up any confusion at the beginning, this blog is about things I love about traveling, not people I have loved while traveling. Because that is an entire other subject in itself. And really, what is "love" when you are traveling? Because ... Read more >

Granda: A Disproportionate Summary

SPAIN | Friday, 24 Apr 2009 | Views [476] | Comments [1]

On our way to Barcelona from Sevilla we had a 3 day stopover in the Andalucian town of Granada. Our early afternoon train ride was filled with moments fit for journaling, reading or siesta-ing. Trains are certainly a romantic way to travel (unless ... Read more >

Deja Vu, Words of Wisdom and Rediscovering Sevilla Without the April Fair Glamour

SPAIN | Thursday, 23 Apr 2009 | Views [926] | Comments [1]

There are several things that are amusing to me about this post:: 1) It is a post all about Sevilla, although these stories are now 2 weeks and 2 cities behind me 2) I am drinking a Coca Cola Light and it is almost midnight here. I'm not drinking ... Read more >

Semana Santa in Madrid

SPAIN | Sunday, 12 Apr 2009 | Views [530]

I´m homesick. Not in a ¨I wish I could catch the next flight home and end this experience early¨kind of way, but in an ¨oh it would be really nice to go to the gym, sleep in my own bed, pick up cheap shampoo at Target, hug my family, hang out with friends ... Read more >

Late Nighs and Caffeine Withdrawals:: My First Week as a T.A. Abroad

SPAIN | Tuesday, 7 Apr 2009 | Views [625] | Comments [1]

The unfortunate reason behind why I have time to write this blog while the day is wasting away in Madrid is because I am confined to my hostel as I am sick! I am hoping that I´ll get this unavoidable aspect of travel out of the way early so I can get ... Read more >

European Quarter Round II

USA | Tuesday, 31 Mar 2009 | Views [538]

Yes, it's that time again--time for me to head out of the country for an extended adventure! This time around I'll be traveling alongside 12 undergrad students from Seattle Pacific University and working as a Teaching Assistant for ... Read more >

One Week and Counting!

USA | Tuesday, 24 Mar 2009 | Views [383]

Today marks the one week countdown until I'm heading back to Spain. Now that the trip is almost here I feel nothing but excitement and gratitude. The time for stressing about money or prepping to be the best TA on record has passed. Although I'm still ... Read more >

The Magic of Disney

USA | Thursday, 12 Mar 2009 | Views [540] | Comments [1]

Today has officially been one of the best of the year. It all started with an eye doctor appointment that involved me avoiding having my eyes dilated. I absolutely hate having my eyes dilated and I didn't have the luxury of lounging around ... Read more >

Prepping for a Bittersweet Goodbye

USA | Wednesday, 11 Mar 2009 | Views [550]

It's weird to think that I will never again think "It's a full moon tonight, wonder how that's going to effect the psych unit?" Three weeks from now I will be boarding a plane bound for Europe and my days (and nights) of employment on an ... Read more >

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