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The adventures of the Mel

Roma, roma

ITALY | Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010 | Views [293] | Comments [2]

I was originally going to open with complaints about jet lag and sore feet to see you get your indignation on, but thought I'd skip that part and move straight onto the parts that remind you that I'm here in sunny Roma and you're stuck at home in the ... Read more >

Are you ready?

ITALY | Sunday, 19 Sep 2010 | Views [236] | Comments [1]

Well? Are you? *faint sound of Blind in background*

Hanging in Delhi

INDIA | Friday, 29 Jan 2010 | Views [1282] | Comments [3]

I’m lying in bed feeling quite sorry for myself as I have conveniently contracted a ripper cold at the end of my trip. On the bright side, I decided to hang in Delhi for my final days and attempt to get some work done before I start my new role on Wednesday, ... Read more >

The Venice of the East

INDIA | Saturday, 23 Jan 2010 | Views [1018]

WARNING: This post may overuse the term ‘amazing’ and its synonyms.   I have just loved Udaipur . It is an amazing city with a serene ambience despite the plethora of tourists. I wish that my last week was here. The shop-lined streets wind ... Read more >

Nimaj Bagh

INDIA | Thursday, 21 Jan 2010 | Views [1796] | Comments [1]

I smell delicious. Aside from being possibly the best opening line to a blog post ever, it’s also not entirely true. I DID smell delicious last night, after having a massage from a local woman with coconut oil. But, I’m getting too far ahead of myself ... Read more >

A more different colour

INDIA | Thursday, 21 Jan 2010 | Views [711] | Comments [1]

I am starting to get very settled in this trip and not wanting to come home just yet. Thankfully I don’t have to go home soon, even though the end of the tour draws closer. I was a little sad to only have only 1 day in Jodhpur , because it didn’t ... Read more >

The Golden City

INDIA | Tuesday, 19 Jan 2010 | Views [629] | Comments [1]

I need to think of a new nickname. Perhaps Tired-Tron version 1.3b. Or maybe Weary McWearyson. Miss Fatigue 2010? Oooh! Weary Woman Wonder. I could wear lycra. I have spent a good two days checking out Jaisalmer, the aptly named Golden City…..well, it’s ... Read more >

Bikaner and surrounds in 8 paragraphs or less

INDIA | Monday, 18 Jan 2010 | Views [455] | Comments [1]

Bikaner is the town/area in India that has the largest number of camels and also holds an annual camel festival where traders and tourists come from across the country to do business and enjoy the festivities. After the camel safari all we wanted ... Read more >

Driving camels near Bikaner

INDIA | Sunday, 17 Jan 2010 | Views [591] | Comments [1]

They call me Mrs. Exhausteraterey Pants. Well, they might. I have finally gotten to a real bed in a hotel after the overnight camel safari and the overnight sleeper train, and I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a while. If it wasn’t for the 6am ... Read more >

Jaipur in a long winded nutshell

INDIA | Sunday, 17 Jan 2010 | Views [680] | Comments [1]

I’m sitting in my room listening to fireworks pepper the night sky of Jaipur, and thought that whilst I wait to take the overnight sleeper train to Bikaner I might ‘pencil’ my thoughts down on Jaipur. We arrived in late in the afternoon on ... Read more >

Tordi Garh (part two)

INDIA | Wednesday, 13 Jan 2010 | Views [4281] | Comments [4]

Getting up in the morning I felt like SHITE but I was still excited to go and meet the villagers of Tordi Garh. We had a briefing where Paddy instructed us that we were not to buy anything or give anything to the locals (tips, pencils, whatever) ... Read more >

Tordi Garh

INDIA | Wednesday, 13 Jan 2010 | Views [2429] | Comments [2]

I’m lying in bed feeling very sorry for myself (IBS + cold, not Delhi belly before you ask!) but I still have a sense of contentment and wonder. We have just made it to Jaipur after spending not quite 24 hours in the amazing little village Tordi Garh.... Read more >

Taj Ma-what?

INDIA | Monday, 11 Jan 2010 | Views [835] | Comments [2]

Apologies to all those waiting with bated breath for my first post (I know, there are hundreds of you). I haven’t had much to report as I have essentially stayed inside and tried to get some work done until we started the tour today. I’m sure you ... Read more >

A long time coming.

INDIA | Wednesday, 6 Jan 2010 | Views [766] | Comments [5]

Finally, I am off to India tomorrow morning. The one that got away last year, and although it's not quite in the manner that I had originally intended, I can't wait!! I have to admit I feel a little conflicted - the trip I've been longing to take, ... Read more >

Mwah, ah, ah!!!

ITALY | Tuesday, 9 Dec 2008 | Views [1218] | Comments [1]

BAHAHAHAHA!!! I am an evil wench.....I have tricked you all and I am home!!! Glorious, glorious Australia!!! Part of my last post was a complete ruse - I never headed to Maratea or the stiletto....I just went to Rome and caught a plane (or three) ... Read more >

Contemplating Catania

ITALY | Wednesday, 3 Dec 2008 | Views [725] | Comments [2]

I’m lying in my bed in my hostel in Maratea, a small coastal town on the foot of Italy, having left Catania a couple of days ago. I didn’t really want to leave – I was so comfortable there – but I figured I should head across and check out the stiletto ... Read more >

Sicilian musings...

ITALY | Tuesday, 25 Nov 2008 | Views [688] | Comments [1]

Greetings my hungry little readers, The year really is winding down. I have 3 weeks left and not a lot to report bar a growing desire to be home in the warmth. I’m still living in Catania, still at the B&B and still enjoying it. I’ve spent ... Read more >

Piano, piano....meravigliosa Siclia

ITALY | Monday, 17 Nov 2008 | Views [687]

I thought I’d take a break from relaxing and learning Italian to update you on my past week! Mind you, I am about fed up with all the damn different types of tenses that exist! Passato prossimo, passato remoto, condizionale, imperfetto….haven’t even ... Read more >

Sicilian adventures

ITALY | Monday, 10 Nov 2008 | Views [1244] | Comments [4]

I’m sitting in my room in Catania looking for an excuse not to do the work that is looming ominously over my head……so a post it is! Sicily is remarkably different to mainland Italy, well, the northern part at least. I have to admit, when we first arrived ... Read more >

Tropea and the middle of bf nowhere

ITALY | Sunday, 9 Nov 2008 | Views [1650] | Comments [2]

You know, it’s kinda amazing how amazed I continue to be after travelling for so long. Mind you, I have become somewhat indifferent to ‘beautiful churches’, ‘interesting museums’ and ‘gorgeous panoramic views’. Yet I am still surprised at the disparity ... Read more >

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