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The adventures of the Mel

Scuba me up!

MALAYSIA | Thursday, 4 January 2007 | Views [1506] | Comments [4]

Okay. I know that I said I wouldn't post for another couple of days, but our day finished early, and we thought, why not?

I finally did it! I went scuba diving. It was bloody awesome. I wasn't sure how I'd go with it all, but it is amazingly tranquil. It was just fantastic floating through the water and gazing upon all the animals I spent hours studying when I was at uni. Hey look, a crinoid! A pipefish! Sea urchin! Vertical swimming fish (clearly can't remember the name!) It's motivation enough though, I really do have to go do the course.

****Chelsea moment #4. Chelsea lost my four pen yesterday, so I made her buy me a new pen. She bought a couple, even though she already had one herself. Later on that night I picked up her original pen and started doing the easiest sudoku I have ever seen. There were more numbers than bloody empty squares. Perhaps logical reasoning hasn't quite been developed in this newspaper. Anyway, Chelsea starts having a go at me for using the pen. Where's the other one? I want to use it! After much debate, she concurred that it was the original pen and she proceeded to turn the hotel room upside down looking for the new pens she had purchased. Some time later, she realised exactly where they were. In the fridge, naturally, with the yoghurt she had bought. Dad, I know this story will strike a chord with you.****

****Melanie moment #1. Chelsea didn't lose my pen. It was in the bottom of my bag.****

Later we decided to check out the other gym. We were wrong however. It wasn't a gym. It was a fitness centre, complete with squash courts, badminton hall, table tennis room, billiard room, child care centre, theatre, ballroom, ten pin bowling centre. You wish I was making this up.

Did I mention just how amazing scuba diving was? It was no GBR, but it was fantastic all the same. Plus the instructor was cute. Win win.

****Chelsea quotes of all time #1: "I can't move up in the heirachy until I prove my intelligence to the dog." fineprint from Chelsea: But Sara is a really smart dog! She is way smarter than, like, Laila. She's no ordinary dog, she really is really smart! I swear! ****

****Chelsea moment #5. Chelsea laughs at her statement, then spends 5 minutes contemplating exactly how she can outsmart the dog.****

I'd like to take this moment to

a) apologise for the lack of photos: I have no way of transferring them from my camera

b) thankyou for your comments. Keep 'em coming. We like love. Feel free to tell people about it. We like lots of love!

c) apologise for the lack of response to your comments. We can't figure out how.

So, that's all for now. We are off tomorrow to hike Mt. Kinabalu, so until Saturday (ish), I bid thee farewell....

Tags: The Great Outdoors



you should get an account on something like photo bucket so we can see some pictures then

  Ryan Jan 4, 2007 9:41 PM


I'm proud of you Mel -floating in space with heavy artificial breathing apparatus on your back (I tried to wear Craig's tank one day and fell flat on my back).
Way to go!
I second Ryan's photobucket suggestion -submit us to even more jealousy!

  Sal Jan 5, 2007 9:45 AM


Love reading about your exploits, lots of love, Gladys and Kevin

  Gladys Jan 5, 2007 2:16 PM


That Flossie is a chip off the old block.......

  Dad Jan 5, 2007 6:14 PM

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