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The adventures of the Mel

Sweaty sticky KK

MALAYSIA | Wednesday, 3 January 2007 | Views [786] | Comments [1]

Hello my little readers,

Much has happened since the last entry. I do apologise for the belatedness of the update - apparently everything likes to close for a couple of days after New Year, and we don't love you enough to pay 20RM for 15 minutes.

Well, KK. After landing we were escorted to our gorgeous hotel, but not before walking through a curtain of humidity that although wasn't quite as bad as I had imagined, gets five stars for sustainability. It just envelopes you and stays there. Now in theory (communism works) you'd get used to the stickiness. In theory.

Anyway, our hotel is only gorgeous. I didn't realise that we'd booked a 5 star puppy, complete with 2 sets of gyms, spas, pools, a tennis court, and a 27 hole golf course. Oh, and it's own jetty and harbour. Just the usual really. Upon arriving we had to wait a little for our room, so we thought we'd take the time for a pina colada and just enjoy the freezing air conditioning. Apparently Malaysians like a lot of contrast. Hot and humid outside, bloody freezing inside - you need a freaking jacket!

Moving on. We checked in and walked into KK to be inundated with lots of very friendly men. Mmmm, friendly men. They offered us many promises of whatever you like, but sadly, we had to decline. We didn't want to ruin the rest of their lives dealing with sub-standard women. The markets were very busy and overwhelming. Poor little Choppy suffers from sensory sensitivity and she nearly had a mental breakdown. We moved on quickly, but not before trying a really delicious (in the way that speedos are sexy and every man should wear them - we want to see it all!) Malaysian fruit. I also ensured that I got a photo outside the pub...Shenanigans. Yeah. (Quick head check - of family only Ryan and perhaps Dane will find that amusing)

So, New Years. We made it to Melbourne's New Year. Yeah. Go us. We so weren't asleep by 11:30. How could you insinuate something like that? Pfft.

The next day was horrible. All we were able to do was use the gym, go for a walk, swim laps at the pool (spunk - they have a lappy pool!!), and eat ourselves stupid with buffet after buffet. The stuff they force you to do when you travel. You would hate it.

****Chelsea moment #1: Our dear little Choppy was very excited about her new backpack, as it came complete with combination locks. Do I need to say anthing else? For those less familiar with our beloved, she locked her boots in her bag without knowing the combination. Only 1000 possible combinations shouldn't take that long, huh?****

*****Chelsea moment #2. The combination was 0 0 0****

So yesterday we went on our first tour, through Kinabalu National Park. It was only stunning tropical rainforest, weaving through roots and leaf litter and marvelling at the beauty surrounding us. Well, as much as we could, considering that the moment we took our eyes off the ground, it became perilous. Particularly with that much sought after Koetsveld coordination. Amazingly, we made it through with only a couple of whoahs and yarghs. No mud on our butts.

We got back and trekked into town to attempt to post our wonderful adventures, to find that the library was shut. Damn library. Sigh. No matter, we will just shop at the mall until nine o'clock. And we walked back in the dark and were only molested twice. That was for you mum. We got a shuttle back.

But not before we had dinner at an amazing place called Johy's Banana Leaf Restaurant. A Malaysisan-Indian restaurant, they serve your meals up on....that's right folks, banana leaves. It had a great atmosphere, terrific food, although our mouths were somewhat on fire for a short period afterwards. Thank you spunk, your training was invaluable. But it was great.

So today we went on an island tour, looking at Mamutik and Manukan islands. The boat took us to Mamutik first and we had three free hours to snorkel, lie on the beach and walk. Winner. Then they decided to read out some optional activities. Fly-fishing, Banana-boating, Parasailing....I could see the evil glint in Chelsea's eye as she concocted a wicked scheme to make me do it. Or at least, I would have if I had bothered to look at her. I had hoped that avoiding her steely gaze would stop the madness. I was wrong. So, we went parasailing, and I'm pleased to say it was fantastic. Not even remotely frightening. You're next, pa.

After that we went for a snorkel, and although it was initially nice, they have some mean kamikaze fish. They would swim along minding their own buisness, turn their heads to gaze at you, like an inquisitive canine, then charge at you with such ferocity you are taken aback and nearly jump out of the water. Plus, they bite. So, that lasted for a total of 15 minutes. Dozens of fish with anger management issues didn't really do it for us. We then went for a trek through some more rainforest, and a nice lie-down on the beach with books in hand. Stupid intelligent design......

****Chelsea moment #3. We had just put on our flippers and snorkel, when Chels decided that she wanted to put an extra singlet on. So what did she remove? That's right. Not the snorkel. No. The flippers.****

We then transferred to Manukan island where we had lunch and just read for a while. We decided against psychotic fishes this time. So back to the hotel and into KK to wish you lovely folk a nice time at work. Tomorrow we are scuba diving, then hiking up Mt. Kinabalu Friday night, so more adventures will be after that.

Until then my faithful readers, enjoy your time at work. And don't forget to try the veal.

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Torture...Torture....Aghhhh reading travel accounts of girls in paradise. Punishment.
Very glad to hear the family co-ordination didn't have you covered in mud, slime and leaches though. *shudder*

  Sal Jan 5, 2007 9:40 AM

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