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Gallery: Yong Ding Hakka Earth Buildings, Yong Ding

CHINA | Saturday, 18 Oct 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Missing Home

CHINA | Wednesday, 15 Oct 2008 | Views [453] | Comments [3]

I'm a very emotional and passionate person, so I have a tendency to get very home sick.  I miss my family and my friends more than anything. I spoke to two of my close friends on MSN tonight, Sarah and Emily, and it made me realise how much I miss ... Read more >

Longyan Weekend

CHINA | Tuesday, 14 Oct 2008 | Views [739] | Comments [5]

This weekend we drove 100kms north west of Zhangzhou to the city of Longyan. Geographically, it's quite a small city with a population of about 3 million (small for a Chinese city!) It's surrounded by mountain ranges and has two large rivers ... Read more >

Gallery: Longyan

CHINA | Monday, 13 Oct 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Out in the city

CHINA | Friday, 10 Oct 2008 | Views [500] | Comments [1]

I've decided there is one cultural difference that I can't understand, no matter how much I try. Eating chickens feet and duck head - sure, knock your self out people...but, when it comes to public toilets WHY can't they spring for one you sit on as ... Read more >

More classes at the Zhangzhou Institute of Technology

CHINA | Wednesday, 8 Oct 2008 | Views [1010]

I've gone along to a few more classes over the past could of days. As a general rule the students are lovely, but we had a few yesterday that were quite inattentive and one or two that were down right rude. This happens in Zhangzhou, just like in any ... Read more >

Attending my first English class in Zhangzhou

CHINA | Monday, 6 Oct 2008 | Views [2065] | Comments [11]

I went along to one of my Dad's English classes today here at Zhangzhou Institute of Technology. This particular class is a beginners one, so the students English skills are quite poor compared to a lot of the other classes. All of the students in ... Read more >

Tags: china, english class, zhangzhou

The Princess and the...Very Hard Mattress

CHINA | Sunday, 5 Oct 2008 | Views [1836] | Comments [5]

The standard mattress here in China is hard as a rock. It seems the one in my little apartment is no exception. That's just the way Chinese people like to sleep. In the summer a lot of them will just sleep on straw mats on the floor. So I guess I should ... Read more >

Shopping and Food

CHINA | Sunday, 5 Oct 2008 | Views [569] | Comments [4]

Yesterday I slept for most of the day because when I was awake I had terrible nausea and a splitting head ache. I'm not sure exactly what caused it; I think it was just a mixture of being tired and probably a tummy bug of some kind. It's the kind ... Read more >

Zhangzhou - First Day

CHINA | Friday, 3 Oct 2008 | Views [402] | Comments [2]

I have finally arrived in Zhangzhou! The weather is humid, but not too unpleasant at 28-30 degrees. My Dad and his wife June met me at Xiamen airport at about 1:30pm this afternoon. They also brought along one of June's students and she helped guide ... Read more >

Gallery: Zhangzhou

CHINA | Friday, 3 Oct 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Singapore Airport

SINGAPORE | Friday, 3 Oct 2008 | Views [576] | Comments [1]

My journey has started well, with the avid watching of almost eight hours of comedy shows on the flight to Singapore. You have to admire a selection of everything from Flight of the Conchords to Monty Pythons Flying Circus. Now I have eight hours ... Read more >

Tags: airport, singapore

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