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Trip: China

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Acerbus Dulcis

CHINA | Friday, 19 Dec 2008 | Views [702] | Comments [2]

I arrived safely back in Zhangzhou on the 14th and I haven't written for a few days because I've been busy writing up my stories from Shanghai (there are more to come) and organising my self for my next trip. I leave for Hanoi, Vietnam in a few hours ... Read more >

The Golden Monk of Zhangzhou

CHINA | Wednesday, 17 Dec 2008 | Views [1812] | Comments [2]

We went to see The Golden Monk today. Dad has been meaning to take me there since I arrived in Zhangzhou, and this morning we finally went. The Golden Monk is located in one of the modern Buddhist temples in the city of Zhangzhou. The monk apparently ... Read more >

Gallery: The Golden Monk, Zhangzhou

CHINA | Wednesday, 17 Dec 2008 | Photo Gallery

Zhangzhou city, Fujian
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Huangpu River Cruise

CHINA | Thursday, 11 Dec 2008 | Views [1004] | Comments [2]

Today I went on a cruise along the main river that runs through the city of Shanghai, the Huangpu River. I selected a reasonably priced (AUD10) hour long cruise that I was told had a recorded voice guide in English as well as Chinese. After twenty ... Read more >

Walking for ten hours = sore feet!

CHINA | Wednesday, 10 Dec 2008 | Views [643] | Comments [3]

Sorry about the rather abrupt ending to my last entry. I've had a few problems finding internet cafes, and the only one I can find seems to be run by a bunch of rude idiots. Anyway, I should get on and tell you about the last few days here. Well on ... Read more >

Gallery: Shanghai

CHINA | Sunday, 7 Dec 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Hawkers, tea ceremonies and art galleries

CHINA | Sunday, 7 Dec 2008 | Views [815] | Comments [5]

I've been in Shanghai now for just under 24hrs and I'm already exhausted. When I first got here I really wasn't sure what I was going to do, but in the short time I've been here...I've done HEAPS! Yesterday evenings' flight from Xiamen to Shanghai ... Read more >

No sleep till Shanghai!

CHINA | Wednesday, 3 Dec 2008 | Views [702]

I've been back in Zhangzhou now for three days and I've been really quite bored. I do like Zhangzhou a lot, but I have the travel bug and I really want to get out and see more of China! So I've decided, as the heading suggests, to spend a week in Shanghai! ... Read more >

Goodbye Hong Kong

HONG KONG | Sunday, 30 Nov 2008 | Views [871] | Comments [1]

After two nights on Lamma Island exploring the beaches, villages and mountain walking tracks - today I got a flight back to Xiamen and now I'm back at Dad and Junes place in Zhangzhou. Leaving Hong Kong, I felt quite sad. I've become very fond of ... Read more >

What day is it again?

HONG KONG | Thursday, 27 Nov 2008 | Views [819] | Comments [4]

Traveling can be confusing. Thankfully, I usually at least know what time it because I wear a watch... but my watch doesn't tell me the date. For the past few days I have been living as if it was a day in the past. Yesterday I thought it was Tuesday ... Read more >

Lamma Island

HONG KONG | Wednesday, 26 Nov 2008 | Views [1156]

Yesterday was a fine enough day. I found the one of the world's longest escalators (hello vertigo!), ate the hottest tom yum Thai noddle soup in existance, got lost in a bewilderingly huge shopping mall and drank beers with some members of the U.S.... Read more >

Lantau Island

HONG KONG | Monday, 24 Nov 2008 | Views [740]

I woke up this morning still feeling a little worse for wear after my night at Murphys Irish Pub on Nathan Road. I met some friendly Aussies and some Irish guys, and we drank Guinness and watched Rugby League. I actually enjoyed watching Rubgy League ... Read more >

Gallery: Guangzhou

CHINA | Monday, 24 Nov 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Hong Kong

HONG KONG | Monday, 24 Nov 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Demonstrations and Religion

HONG KONG | Sunday, 23 Nov 2008 | Views [706] | Comments [4]

One of the noticeable differences between Hong Kong and mainland China, is religious freedom. The laws here remain very different to those in China. I have seen Hare Khishnas, Toaists, Hinduis and even Mormans out on the streets. These are all religions ... Read more >

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

HONG KONG | Saturday, 22 Nov 2008 | Views [921] | Comments [4]

I arrived in Hong Kong yesterday without any problems. The train station in Guangzhou was fairly clearly marked and I breezed through immigration and customs and found the platform for Hong Kong. After waiting a good hour to leave the station, we ... Read more >

Taxis and Rams

CHINA | Thursday, 20 Nov 2008 | Views [1864] | Comments [7]

I had a fantastic day exploring the city of Guangzhou today. I awoke at 8am and had breakfast in the hotel resturant. I'm not a morning person at all, but there's nothing like a free breakfast to tempt you into getting up early! The breakfast here ... Read more >

Adventures in Guangzhou

CHINA | Wednesday, 19 Nov 2008 | Views [586]

The idea of keeping a travel blog is a fantastic one in theroy, until you realise that it's almost impossible to update it as much as you'd like. It has been too long since I wrote in here. I even have one previous update that I'm still in the middle ... Read more >

Gallery: Xiamen

CHINA | Monday, 10 Nov 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Just another day in Zhangzhou

CHINA | Thursday, 6 Nov 2008 | Views [662]

I've had one of those days that make your head pound and all I feel like doing is having a beer! I found out that some bastard has my credit card number and is starting to pilfer money out of my account. Although it took me what seemed like days to ... Read more >

HELP protect the endangered mountain gorilas of Virunga!!!

CHINA | Wednesday, 5 Nov 2008 | Views [982] | Comments [2]

The Democratic Republic of the Congo's main gorilla park in Virunga, has been seized by rebel soldiers. This means already endangered mountain gorillas, their carers and the people of Virunga are in serious danger. Gorillas have been caught in cross ... Read more >


CHINA | Wednesday, 5 Nov 2008 | Views [1452]

Lucy is my favorite person I've met here in Zhangzhou. Out of all of the students here at the college, she is one who really genuinely wants to become friends with me. I'm not just a novelty to her. She's friendly, intelligent, open minded and funny.... Read more >

The Ruizhu Temple + Q&A at the Language Center

CHINA | Tuesday, 4 Nov 2008 | Views [1288]

On Sunday Dad and I went to the beautiful Ruizhu Buddhist temple on the outskirts of Zhangzhou city. Just before we got there, we stopped at the Lon Wen Ta gardens which has some beautiful lily ponds and lots of potted bonsai trees. That was about ... Read more >

Gallery: Lon Wen Ta Gardens, Zhangzhou

CHINA | Sunday, 2 Nov 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Ruizhu Buddhist Temple, Zhangzhou

CHINA | Sunday, 2 Nov 2008 | Photo Gallery

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