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Phnom Penh

CAMBODIA | Sunday, 18 Jan 2009 | Views [1197]

18/01/2009 We've been in Phenom Penn for several days now and I've really enjoyed it. We arrived from Battembang by bus on the 16th and that evening Greg, Charlie and I went out for dinner and then out drinking in the city. We started at the famous ... Read more >

The Boat to Battembang

CAMBODIA | Thursday, 15 Jan 2009 | Views [1244]

15/01/2009 The boat ride to Battembang was incredible and I'm so glad that I did it. I had heard mixed reviews - some saying it was fantastic and others saying the boat had to turn around and head back to Siem Reap after a few hours.  I woke up at ... Read more >

Bad Medicine

CAMBODIA | Wednesday, 14 Jan 2009 | Views [752] | Comments [3]

So my hostel lost some of my clothes. Two shirts and some socks. Then when I told them I wanted to look for them my self they said I had probably not put them in the laundry bag and laughed at me. I felt so angry and it wasn't even about the clothes.... Read more >

Photos: Angkor Jan 2009

CAMBODIA | Tuesday, 13 Jan 2009 | Photo Gallery

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The Beautiful Temples of Angkor

CAMBODIA | Tuesday, 13 Jan 2009 | Views [802] | Comments [3]

Today I went to visit the beautiful temples of Angkor just outside of the city of Siem Reap. I organised a tuk tuk through my guesthouse and it was only 12USD for the whole day. I woke early and went down stairs for breakfast. My guesthouse is full ... Read more >

From Laos to Cambodia

CAMBODIA | Monday, 12 Jan 2009 | Views [656]

My last few days in Luang Prabang and indeed in Laos were restful and relaxing. All I did was stroll around the quiet town and drink banana shakes by the Mekong. Lyb and Graeme left to go further up north in Laos and then across to Thailand so I made ... Read more >

Elephant Park

LAOS | Thursday, 8 Jan 2009 | Views [1670] | Comments [2]

Luang Prabang has a series of economically and ecologically sustainable community based projects that tourists can enjoy called 'Stay Another Day'. These projects include promotion for the Children's Cultural Centre , where tourists can volunteer ... Read more >

Photos: Elephant Park Jan 2009

LAOS | Wednesday, 7 Jan 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Yoga at Dharamma

LAOS | Tuesday, 6 Jan 2009 | Views [2021] | Comments [6]

This morning I woke up before dawn: showered, dressed and then walked down to the Dharamma massage and yoga center for my early morning yoga class by the lily ponds. The teacher was Meena; a tiny Thai woman with a broad smile and a soft, reassuring ... Read more >

Tonic for the Soul

LAOS | Sunday, 4 Jan 2009 | Views [648]

An Australian woman I met in Vang Vieng told me she was coming to Luang Prabang because she had heard it described as ‘tonic for the soul’. I’ve been here for less that 24hrs now and I have to say she is right. Luang Prabang is magical. ... Read more >

New Years Eve

LAOS | Saturday, 3 Jan 2009 | Views [630]

New Years Eve in Vang Vieng didn't really meet my probably over enthusiastic expectations. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but I wanted to at least have fun. It ended up just being more like a high school dance with young drunk people everywhere ... Read more >

Tubing in Vang Vieng

LAOS | Friday, 2 Jan 2009 | Views [2580] | Comments [8]

The last few days have been unbelievable to say the least. I arrived on Monday and had a good night out having a couple of beers with a few other backpackers. And on Tuesday Lyb, Graeme and I decided to do the obligatory Vang Vieng tourist activity ... Read more >

Gallery: Laos

LAOS | Monday, 29 Dec 2008 | Photo Gallery

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I Can Breath Again!

LAOS | Sunday, 28 Dec 2008 | Views [793] | Comments [2]

After a sleepless night in the hotel from hell complete with constant airplane noise and a never ending supply of mosquitoes, I went back to the airport to wait for my flight to Laos. ROUND TWO! The first thing I did was get some more cash and ... Read more >

Late to Laos

VIETNAM | Sunday, 28 Dec 2008 | Views [1229]

After a terrible mix up with flight times, I am now leaving for Laos tomorrow and I have to spend the night in a dreadful airport hotel. Due to my current predicament, the rain and a newly contracted flu, I am feeling less than happy. I did well ... Read more >

Gallery: Hanoi

VIETNAM | Saturday, 27 Dec 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Christmas in Hanoi

VIETNAM | Saturday, 27 Dec 2008 | Views [742] | Comments [1]

My Christmas here in Hanoi has been fantastic. On Christmas eve Lyb, Graeme and I attended a party in the roof top bar of the hostel that's right across from our hotel. The atmosphere was electric, the people were friendly and the beer was cheap. I ... Read more >

Gallery: Snake Village

VIETNAM | Friday, 26 Dec 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Snake Village

VIETNAM | Thursday, 25 Dec 2008 | Views [2881] | Comments [4]

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Christmas has been a lot of fun. Yesterday was an amazing day and one I'm sure I will never forget. Lyb, Graeme and I went to a nearby hostel (one run by two Aussie guys) and booked a trip to Snake Village. For $15USD you get a ... Read more >

Gallery: Halong Bay

VIETNAM | Sunday, 21 Dec 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Hanoi to Halong Bay

VIETNAM | Sunday, 21 Dec 2008 | Views [649]

My time in Vietnam has so far been fantastic. As my plane landed at Noi Bai Airport I was filled with two emotions, the first one was dread because I knew it was going to be an ordeal picking up my visa, but the other emotion was extreme happiness ... Read more >

Acerbus Dulcis

CHINA | Friday, 19 Dec 2008 | Views [675] | Comments [2]

I arrived safely back in Zhangzhou on the 14th and I haven't written for a few days because I've been busy writing up my stories from Shanghai (there are more to come) and organising my self for my next trip. I leave for Hanoi, Vietnam in a few hours ... Read more >

The Golden Monk of Zhangzhou

CHINA | Wednesday, 17 Dec 2008 | Views [1763] | Comments [2]

We went to see The Golden Monk today. Dad has been meaning to take me there since I arrived in Zhangzhou, and this morning we finally went. The Golden Monk is located in one of the modern Buddhist temples in the city of Zhangzhou. The monk apparently ... Read more >

Gallery: The Golden Monk, Zhangzhou

CHINA | Wednesday, 17 Dec 2008 | Photo Gallery

Zhangzhou city, Fujian
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Huangpu River Cruise

CHINA | Thursday, 11 Dec 2008 | Views [981] | Comments [2]

Today I went on a cruise along the main river that runs through the city of Shanghai, the Huangpu River. I selected a reasonably priced (AUD10) hour long cruise that I was told had a recorded voice guide in English as well as Chinese. After twenty ... Read more >

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