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This town has all uphills and no downhills... France/Portugal/Spain 2013 SE Asia 2012

Trip: Cabo

There are [8] stories from my trip: Cabo

Cabo day 3

MEXICO | Wednesday, 10 Aug 2022 | Views [21]

On our third day in Cabo we were still so full that we didn't go eat. We've just been eating too much on this trip. Instead we relaxed in the hotel and then after the sun went down a little bit at 3 PM we took the car out to go to a beach. As I expected ... Read more >

Cabo day 2

MEXICO | Wednesday, 10 Aug 2022 | Views [18]

On our second day we chose to go to the highest rated breakfast in Cabo at a restaurant called Casa solar. We had great coffee and shakes – I had blackberry mixed with some other berries. I can't quite remember but I do remember it was delicious.... Read more >

Todos Santos Day 2 / Cabo

MEXICO | Monday, 8 Aug 2022 | Views [19]

We woke up early at 8 AM in order to go downstairs to have our breakfast – one of the bees of our B&B.  Jared wants me to mention that they had two dogs – one of the dogs was named Canela which means cinnamon in Spanish. This ... Read more >

Todos Santos

MEXICO | Sunday, 7 Aug 2022 | Views [23]

Well, we didn't get a great nights sleep last night because the construction next-door started at 10 AM and lasted till well after 2 AM. What a bizarre city that allows for construction on a Friday night that late! There was a huge backhoe breaking up ... Read more >

San Jose del Cabo day 3

MEXICO | Saturday, 6 Aug 2022 | Views [22]

One last note from last night: we watched a truly terrible Mexican movie on Netflix. Do you remember its name JARED? We don't – that's how terrible it was. It was called something like blame it on Karma? I don't mind romantic comedies but this ... Read more >

San Jose del Cabo Day 2

MEXICO | Friday, 5 Aug 2022 | Views [31] | Comments [1]

I got up at eight to attend a union meeting. JARED was still asleep. Not much more to report on that end. When he woke up a tad later he felt like he had slept off his illness. At around 11 we went to the café on the corner to have some coffee ... Read more >

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Jared’s first day journal

MEXICO | Friday, 5 Aug 2022 | Views [23] | Comments [1]

Transcribed from the written page:   We said goodbye to Nick, Maria Cecilia, Mateo, initiate in the morning – and Canela, too! Nick drove us to the airport and we made it through TSA into the gate in under 30 minutes. Good thing too ... Read more >

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San Jose Del Cabo

MEXICO | Thursday, 4 Aug 2022 | Views [50]

This is the first time writing a journal on my phone! Jared and I decided to go somewhere Alaska airlines flew for our seventh anniversary. Our out of country options were limited to Costa Rica, Belize, and Mexico. We chose to go to Los Cabos and Todos ... Read more >

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