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Three to a bed, two in a bag & All wheels on Brittany

ITALY | Friday, 17 October 2008 | Views [561] | Comments [5]

So this is how I start my second day in Rome...

We are staying in an apartment of boys--the nicest boys ever...we are all very proud of their mothers--so Brittany, Erica, and I are occupying their living room/kitchen/dining room space (it is all the same room).  It's nice to be in a free place to stay for two nights in a row!

But anyway, the three of us tried squeezing on the pull-out couch bed last night...it is a full-sized futon.  We all have our own sleeping bag.  At some point of the early morning, though, I got out of my sleeping bag because it was pretty warm...being in the middle and all (and by the way, the futon kept sinking in the middle, too).  Long story short, I somehow ended up in Erica's sleeping bag because I thought it was mine since she got out of her's as well at some point.  When I woke up and realized I was in her bag, I got out oh-so-slick with a giggle and went back to sleep.  Apparently she was awake during this whole ordeal, so trying to be slick did not work at all.  

Another funny thing happened two days in a row.  Yesterday we were waiting in line for the Basilica at the Vatican (yes, we were being holy), and at that point of the day like 2pm, it was super crowded, so we were definitely being herded like cows. Mooooo.  Everyone was being pretty aggressive trying to pass through the line, including a couple of elderly people. The old woman was being pushed in a wheelchair by what we can only assume to be her husband, and by some burst of outrage (is what we  gather) tried ramming her wheelchair though Brittany--I guess he didn't see her there, or hear her repeatedly "Ow, ow, ow, ow."  He kept backing up and then trying to get through, and in result ran over Britt's feet in flip-flops.  Apparently "ow" is not universal or international enough for some.  Or some of these people's zeal for St. Peter is just too overwhelming to include any kind of patience.

The follow-up to that story is that a stroller ran over her feet again while we were at the Sistine Chapel.  I guess we weren't holy enough for the Vatican (it's probably because we're Protestant) and the Papal wrath was being taken out on Britt.  But we think being run over by an elderly couple in a wheelchair and a toddler in a stroller is a pretty worthy story.  We think by the end of our trip it may be that she could get run over by a Vespa.  There are plenty here.

We are heading to Naples tomorrow afternoon to try its Pizza Margherita (invented there in 1889!), then Pompeii!  We're going to try to check out some of the Amalfi Coast before our trek to Greeeeeece!

Some prayer requests: Travel to Naples. Also, Erica mysteriously came down with some bad cough. It's probably due to the pollution in Rome, but she needs to get better soon! It makes me sad =( Shout-outs...Jen and Karen, I don't know how feasible your requests for four postcards each time we send postcards will work...but we do think of you! (and still lose the game). Rome, you're turning 26 in 3 days! I hope you boys do something good!




oh, i was thinkin' about hiking through the foothills of mount tibidabo.

  romeoso Oct 17, 2008 9:31 AM


Haha. You're covered in prayer. Better be thinking of me too when eating pizza in Naples!!!

  Chris McCann Oct 17, 2008 9:38 AM


mmmm, yummy, pizza margherita!! Amalfi Coast is beautiful, you must must go. :) love you. Don't get sick!!

  Maria Kong Oct 17, 2008 10:21 AM


I'm glad you are all having fun, I can't believe I was in Kenya with you only a few days ago! Be safe and ride a vespa for me!!!!

  Jackie Lind Oct 17, 2008 12:17 PM


Maybe that's why nobody wears flip-flops there... too many broken toes! Also, when it's crowded like that there are always pickpockets... so beware! They don't care if you're at a church on a Sunday morning either... :-/

Now you have me craving pizza for lunch by the way... dangit!

  "Sister" Oct 28, 2008 3:35 AM

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