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Sushi and Chips I do most profoundly believe that it is better to search in the maze and risk getting lost than stay and be in a cheeseless situation...i am thus off in search of some damn good cheese!


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A.C.L.E Training

Tuesday, 15 Jun 2010 | Views [669]

I am currently sat in a cubicle on a train, somewhere in between Geneva and Milan, eating left-over pizza from last night, planning an epic journey home and trying to get to know my new partner in crime as we head towards our first camp. ... Read more >

A love letter to Japan

Thursday, 25 Feb 2010 | Views [763]

There are no words to express how much I’m going to miss you. Words seem inadequate when we have communicated through smiles, intuition and vague interpretation…all I can give you is an endless list of little things that over time I have come ... Read more >

Tags: awesome, japan, love

Between Homes

Tuesday, 3 Nov 2009 | Views [494]

So I’ll admit it. Right now I want out. Eight months down the line and I’m having unfamiliar feelings…I think normal people call it homesickness. (In my defence it is coinciding with culture shock bottom out and from having 10 days left to decide whether ... Read more >

Tags: heads, hearts, homesickness, meh!

Kome again?! 'You could swim across my cheekbones right now!'

Tuesday, 18 Aug 2009 | Views [717]

24th July. Tokyo is hot. Mind achingly, sweating in all places, I just want to be naked, h.o.t. Not that the Japanese seem to notice. Really, I don't know how they do it! We can be in a subway station praying the train arrives soon so we can crisp ... Read more >

Tags: heat, shibuya, shinjuko, teapots

Kome again?! 'Tokyo, you had me at konnichiwa'

Tuesday, 18 Aug 2009 | Views [775]

What is it about wondering through cities at night that makes you feel like you own the world? Perhaps it was because I was about to embark on the most adventurous adventure I had ever had that made me all the more euphoric as I walked the streets ... Read more >

Tags: belonging, nomadishness, overnight busses, un-belonging

You can call me jacqueline Sparrow, Iriana Jones...Betty Grylls!

Friday, 10 Jul 2009 | Views [866]

Greetings my furry little friends of near and far! How dost thou? I do hope I find you in the most joyous of moods, swinging from the stars and dangling your feet in the river of life! Forgive my over articulation, I am in somewhat of a joyous mood and ... Read more >

Tags: boats, monks, summer plans, sunset

Innovative motor navigation (getting lost)

Friday, 10 Jul 2009 | Views [688]

I got horrendously lost yesterday. I’m talking like an hour in the wrong direction, no signs for the place I’m going, damn I really need a pee lost. The worst thing is I was going somewhere I go all the time. I know the way. I just had ... Read more >

Tags: getting lost, maps, needing to pee, sheep

I have a ball of steel! (yes just one...)

Monday, 6 Jul 2009 | Views [499]

You know what…I think my little bubble world is made of steel. Actual steel. Not that cheap plastic cover that is moulded and painted to look like the real-deal, no, just the actual real-deal. See, when I came here I wasn’t sure if my ... Read more >

Tags: bad french accents, jess world, pirates

My third date with Japan (hey hey!)

Sunday, 28 Jun 2009 | Views [682] | Comments [1]

Ok, hello. I’m going to be all post-modern now and blog about my insufficient blogging. Wooo- using my degree! (I feel like this is a fairly unique statement in the current climate- go me!) So. No blogging. Well, I’m afraid to say I’ve ... Read more >

Tags: bubbles, chanting bugs, love, rice, snow domes

I know you're watching me!!

Friday, 8 May 2009 | Views [802] | Comments [1]

Bad news. I fear I am being stalked by a man in a bandana for the purposes of amusing TV. It’s quite scary. The evidence isn’t all there yet, but it keeps adding up… After my post about finding the meaning of life in Morioka my Dad rang me up to ... Read more >

Tags: bandana man, insanity, japanese tv

7439033 Yen for 5 days of water!!!

Friday, 8 May 2009 | Views [745]

Me: Oh my god! How much do I owe? That’s ridiculous! How is anyone expected to pay that much for water? I don’t have that much! No way! Ahh shit, I’m gunna have to get money off the parents and I wanted to do this all alone and now I’m gunna ... Read more >

Tags: holidays, jesus, kakunodate, pizza hut, pyramids, statue of liberty

Let's enjoy Jess!...and other random objects...

Sunday, 26 Apr 2009 | Views [759]

Some things that happened this week in the Japanish world of Jess: After an alcohol fuelled cherry blossom party with my board of education I have now added a few more unmentionable meats to my ‘consumed’ collection, a new father who owns ... Read more >

Tags: bad music, fatal errors of human judgement, tampons

The Day I Found The Meaning Of Life

Sunday, 19 Apr 2009 | Views [511]

Just as Rod Stewart’s awesometasical line ‘the rhythm of my heart is beating like a drum with the words I love you rolling off my tongue, no never will I roam for I know my place is home; where the ocean meets the sky I’ll be sailing’ seems to ... Read more >

Tags: cherry trees in rocks, morioka

Gallery: My new Home

Wednesday, 15 Apr 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Bring forth Scuba Jess!

Tuesday, 14 Apr 2009 | Views [541]

If Japan were the sea and the people the fish, I would be the giant flopping snorkeler that just belly flopped into their serene world under the water. I attract a lot of attention. They’re all so friendly and gather round to say hello and ask ... Read more >

My first day in my new home

Monday, 30 Mar 2009 | Views [696]

I stuck my finger right into the middle of a raw egg this morning. I thought it was boiled and as I attempted to peel said egg I got a hand-full of goo. Quite what I was supposed to do with a raw egg I am not sure, but given the selection of random food ... Read more >

The heathen westerner

Monday, 30 Mar 2009 | Views [512]

Something I have realised is that Japan makes me feel a bit like an uncivilised heathen. Not on purpose I’m sure. The first thing that strikes you is how incredibly polite everyone is, how calm and clean the subway trains are and how efficiently everything ... Read more >

Tags: culture shock

Having babies with Carlos the renegade pirate

Tuesday, 10 Mar 2009 | Views [481]

So it’s one week from take-off and as many of you will know the recent days have prompted a fair few hours of self-analysis. And well, the truth of the matter is I have stumbled across a major flaw in my psychological make-up, my apologies to all of you ... Read more >

Tags: setting out



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