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Sushi and Chips I do most profoundly believe that it is better to search in the maze and risk getting lost than stay and be in a cheeseless situation...i am thus off in search of some damn good cheese!

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great view!

great view!

When I was little I thought I saw jesus in Woolworths. He was wearing a purple velvet tracksuit and buying sour sticks. Ever since then I've been in what my mother endearingly calls 'Jess world'. In Jess world I am a decent of a Spanish gypsy who thinks all of life's great questions can be solved between Shakespeare, Elton John and Billy Joel and who likes to think of herself as a bit of an adventurer flying by the seat of her pants. In the real world I guess I'm an English grad with a mammoth-sized wonder-lust who people are amused by because I still really just want to be a pirate.

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