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All or nothing

USA | Thursday, 5 April 2012 | Views [908]

Oreo-peanut butter doughnut. Oh my

Oreo-peanut butter doughnut. Oh my

Dear Diary,

How are you? It's sure feels like it's been a while, eh? I miss how close you and I used to be. You know how I'd share everything with you every day, you would just absorb it all, not judging or commenting. 

It feels as if we are growing distant, maybe I am becoming slack? I don't think so. I had good intentions in the beginning and I still think and strive to talk with you every day, but whilst my heart is in one place, my head is elsewhere. For example, I didn't want to drink this evening, but when a glass of wine was placed in front of me, I told myself it was fine, enjoy it, don't worry. It is similar with you, I went all guns blazing in the beginning, but now I can't help but feel slack. 

Where to start? Here we go...

Monday: Stretching my memory back that far is rather difficult, considering all the days pretty much blur into one (again, hard life right?). I set out with Evelien and Sara to spend a full day exploring Seattle. Our first stop was the "Underground Tour" of Seattle. Sounds interesting right? Rick, our tour guide, did a great job educating us on Seattle's history (I remember the date 1851, I think that is relevant to it's history?). It wasn't quite as exciting as we had been lead to believe (tourists trapped!) but, it was rather nifty to walk through the old, underground streets of Seattle. 

This was followed up with a visit to Columbia Tower, which is rather impressive just to look at from ground level. I imagine it would of provided a spectacular view from the 73rd floor viewing deck, but we didn't quite make it that far. The three of us did however make it to the 72nd floor, which I have no doubt provided an equally, if not more satisfying view. The 72nd floor is occupied by a nifty little business law firm and one of the nine lawyers jumped at the opportunity to show off his office when we asked. 

Columbia Tower was followed up with Seattles version of China Town, which isn't more than a few Asian grocery stores and some Peking Duck restaurants. I then decided to leave Sara and Evelien, they wanted to eat sushi and I had this strong desire to cook (plus it was the cost effective option). So I went and prepped my new favourite dish:

My big hot pot.. It tastes spicy!

The rest of the afternoon I spent by myself exploring downtown Seattle. Mainly walking around the big stores and just window shopping. It was the first time in a while since I had been by myself. I think I enjoy my own company the most. :P

The night finished with a few glasses of wine and Saras butternut-squash risotto. Mmmmmmm

Tuesday: I started my morning tip-toeing around my room, trying not to wake my other roomies. Our trio (Sara, Evelien and I) had decided to catch the 8am Greyhound from Seattle to Portland. I didn't pack the majority of my bag before I had left Australia til the morning of the flight, the same goes with traveling to another state in America. I got myself up at 6am, made a few sandwiches and as quietly as I could, stuffed and squeezed everything into my three bags (yes, I have picked up another bag. This is my permanent food bag which consists of food that are pretty much essentials; cereals, long life almond milk, fruits, breads, spreads, etc...) Sara and I set off and met Evelien at the bus shelter (she stayed at the Green Tortoise). The ticket cost $35 and four hours of my time. It was a slow, dull, stinky bus ride. There was not much of a view and I must comment on the size of a few of the passengers. Obesity appears to be so much more prevalent, or at least noticeable in the states. On this bus there were no less than 5 people who did not just look like the needed to lose a few pounds, but looked miserably sick! It did still shock me when we had arrived in Portland and I noticed one of the obese passengers waddling across the depo with TWO HUMONGOUS sodas (a coke, and orange looking fanta). Sure, they could have been diet, sugar free; but I just felt sad for him.

Anyways, after hauling our excessively heavy luggage many blocks to our new cozy hostel, we ate (a lot). I refuse to take responsibility for the FREE bread provided by the hostel (it's actually provided by the bakery down the road, to the travellers at the hostel) and boy oh boy, it's darn good bread!

Leaving the warm, cozy hostel we ventured into the wet streets of Portland. It's always super exciting to explore a new city. We found ourselves at Voodoo doughnuts, where I devoured the oreo/peanut-butter sugary toroidal. The next place of visit was the largest independent new and used bookstore (yes, I was incredibly excited) in the world!

Powells bookstore is MASSIVE! It is literally a city of books. Our little trio immediately separated and lost one another (which was fine by me) and from there, it was sheer bliss! After an hour, I thought I had better get back to the hostel. It was now about 5pm, I was still feeling a tad guilty about my overblown sugar consumption for the day, so I hit the wet pavement. I enjoy running, and I am really enjoying running in unknown territory. I went for about 45 minutes and found myself in a little park doing some bodyweight exercises. Go the ghetto workouts!

It was my turn to cook that evening, and they demanded an omelete. I enthusiastically delivered! Two of the biggest, meanest pizza-looking omeletes I have ever made in my life. It wasn't a late night, but we finished up playing a German card game, which is kind of, sort of like uno, but not really. 

Today: I can pretty much sum up today with one word, and I think that is what I will do; Cycling.

I think I expressed how a few of my favourite days have been when I have hired a bike and explored a city? Today was no exception. It was just the three of us and we rode through rain, hail and shine. No joke. 

We pretty much rode for about 5 hours in every direction. I love it!

Tonight was Evs turn to cook, and boy did she cook!

I don't think much more needs to be said. 

Tomorrow, I am heading back to... San Fran! Yep, met a cool German fella who is driving down the West Coast. Evelien and I will join him, whilst Sara heads back up to Canada.

That is enough for tonight, it is now 12:42am and I gonskies!

Ohhhhh happy days!

Yes, I did get incredibly excited after sighting a squirrel!

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