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Return to San Francisco

USA | Saturday, 7 April 2012 | Views [924]

When I came down this morning for the free breakfast, provided by the hostel, I was greeted with an abundance of white. No it wasn't snowing, but the four white devils appear to be core ingredients in a healthy American breakfast. White sugar, white salt, white flour and pasteurised milk, ughhhh!

I don't need to slam down 2 cups of coffee after my sugar loaded breakfast. Nor do I require another 4 throughout the day. I do feel a sense of achievement in knowing that my body won't be under the stress of having to rid itself of those toxins that come in the form of fluffy white bread, smeared with a combination of sugary and salty spreads and downed with a glass of liquid white nothingness. 

Okay, rant over!

I have managed to find my way back to San Francisco! I left Portland on Wednesday morning with Evelien, Kevin and Simon. I met Kevin in Victoria, then again in Seattle and then AGAIN in Portland. So I think it was about time I hitched a ride with him. 

From left; Dutch Evelien, German Kevin, Pommy Simon and me!

The drive from Portland along highway 101 was absolutely spectacular! The road was divided by two colours. To the left of the road were massive green trees of all sorts, the right side was filled with blue. Beautiful blue skies, complimented with more blue from the somewhat calm Pacific ocean.

Pulling over and absorbing the beautiful coast. No swimming though :(

After the first day of driving, we stopped off in Crescent city (more of a town). We picked the dodgiest, cheapest looking motel and all of us slept with one eye open in case our road trip became one of those horror films involving the ignorant tourists and slasher truck drives. 

I went for a run yesterday morning, the sun was rising and it really lit up the little town. The day prior was spent confined in a little car with 3 other stinky backpackers and the day ahead didn't look much different. I breathed in as much fresh air as I could and then went back to set out for the second part of the trip.

I've been told by my fellow travel companions that my day involves four things; reading, sleeping, eating and toilet. It's a vicious cycle, but sadly it's true. So after many cycles of reading, sleeping, eating and running off to a hygienic petrol station toilet we came across, we finally entered San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge. I had ridden across it just over a month ago, but driving across it was just as awesome. I was just as excited, if not MORE excited than my previous trip to here. 

I suggested we drive down Lombard street before checking into the hostel and the guys eagerly agreed. Again it was just as exciting as the previous time. This time I got out of the car and ran down, walked around and fully took in the view of the city. 

The events that followed weren't at all that exciting. We checked into our hostel, went and searched from a grocery store in downtown San Fran (which provided to be rather challenging) and then cooked up a feast. I prepared my jalapeño, tomoato, mushroom, rice and bean mix and it was... HOT. I got some jalapeño bits in my eye and I cried a river. 

And that my friends, is the way the cookie crumbles. Here I am now in this white food environment. I think I want to check our Alcatraz today, I didn't go last time. Time to fill in those missy gaps.

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