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Gallery: House Building and Home Kit

ETHIOPIA | Sunday, 18 Jan 2009 | Photo Gallery

Some photos taken during house building and a home kit we delivered.
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ETHIOPIA | Sunday, 18 Jan 2009 | Views [774] | Comments [1]

This is my first contribution to the blog as the team is breaking up and Adele and I will be the last to leave. This is our third trip to Ethiopia and each trip has been different. While there are things that are the same (general maintenance and improvement ... Read more >

Smaller team but lots of work

ETHIOPIA | Saturday, 17 Jan 2009 | Views [433]

Over the last week, many people have left to continue on their travels. We are now down to 9 adults and 2 kids but plenty of good work has been completed. A few of us went out to help one of the workers build her own traditional mud house out of eucalypt ... Read more >

Sunday, Gondar, a Sponsor Child, Soccer

ETHIOPIA | Monday, 12 Jan 2009 | Views [2446] | Comments [2]

On Sunday morning we assembled on the lawn of Grace Centre HQ for a little cute church service. This was very refreshing. We started with sitting around in lazy chairs singing some songs - lots of Moore Park classics including "Blessed be Your ... Read more >

Life at Grace

ETHIOPIA | Friday, 9 Jan 2009 | Views [681]

There are so many people and so many different aspects and functions of life here that its hard to decide what to write without it becoming a thesis. A few people have been sick (Mary, Naomi, Keliesha, Bryce, Jeff, Simon and myself) so we appreciate ... Read more >

Gallery: Staff Christmas Party

ETHIOPIA | Thursday, 8 Jan 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Present giving for Ethiopian Christmas

ETHIOPIA | Wednesday, 7 Jan 2009 | Views [2341] | Comments [2]

The 5th of January involved more practical assistance at the Grace Centre. We completed installation of a ground water tank to boost the header tank. Mary, Steph, Helen and Sara and some others completed preparing Christmas presents for the children.... Read more >

Blue Nile Falls and Boat Rides

ETHIOPIA | Wednesday, 7 Jan 2009 | Views [666] | Comments [1]

On the 4th we had packed schedule of sights and sounds outside of the Grace Centre to attend to. We left around 9am on a massive bus (one of those gigantic school bus types) which was really bumpy, then smooth for a few minutes on the main road, then ... Read more >

Gallery: 4-6th January

ETHIOPIA | Wednesday, 7 Jan 2009 | Photo Gallery

Grace Centre
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1-3rd January at the Grace Centre

ETHIOPIA | Monday, 5 Jan 2009 | Views [2466] | Comments [4]

The current operators of the Grace Centre are Andrew and Dee Knife who have five children living at the Centre; Lidya, Joshua, Sara and two other little ones that cannot be named. Sara (14) and also the latter two (a brother and sister (2)) are Ethiopian ... Read more >

Gallery: The Grace Centre

ETHIOPIA | Saturday, 3 Jan 2009 | Photo Gallery

1-3rd January 2009
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Gallery: Bus Trip

ETHIOPIA | Thursday, 1 Jan 2009 | Photo Gallery

Addis Ababa to Bahir Dar
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Bus Ride to Bahir Dar, New Years Eve

ETHIOPIA | Thursday, 1 Jan 2009 | Views [2736]

Yesterday morning we had to leave the comforts of our hotel for a loaded bus on route for Bahir Dar at 5:30am. The bus was thankfully alot more stuck together than our previous bus. We were on our way with very little traffic and it was really a beautiful ... Read more >

Gallery: Addis Ababa

ETHIOPIA | Wednesday, 31 Dec 2008 | Photo Gallery

We spent 3 nights in Addis
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Fistula Hospital, Day Three, Addis Ababa

ETHIOPIA | Wednesday, 31 Dec 2008 | Views [1641]

This is Naomi writing with some editing and additions by Gareth, This morning we went to visit the famous Fistula Hospital (via a brief stop at Addis Golf Country Club). This is a hospital for Women with childbirth injuries (look up Fistula on google).... Read more >

Addis Ababa - Day Two

ETHIOPIA | Monday, 29 Dec 2008 | Views [1187]

This morning after another fine breakfast filled with eggs and bread, we hoped on our trustworthy little bus driven by the ever faithful Bitsai and headed to the Kebebe Teshay orphanage in Addis. This was only originally schedule for Mary, Jeff and ... Read more >

Arrived Addis Ababa

ETHIOPIA | Sunday, 28 Dec 2008 | Views [574]

Hi All. This is Gareth the current blogger for all on the trip. Our group comprised of: Steph and Michael, Naomi and I, Jeff, Mary, Helen and Sara Roberts, Simon Roberts, Dee, Andrew, Kielly and Jack Hudson (pheww) arrived at around 6:30am local time ... Read more >

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All of us walking out of the Kebebe Tsehay orphanage.

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