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The Magical China Trip 2012


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Photos: Hangzhou Sights

Monday, 8 Oct 2012 | Photo Gallery

General Shots, Lingyin Temple, Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum
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Tags: china, hangzhou, lingyin temple

Photos: Suzhou - October 4 and 5, 2012

Saturday, 6 Oct 2012 | Photo Gallery

Other Items of Possible Interest
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Photos: Suzhou Gardens

Saturday, 6 Oct 2012 | Photo Gallery

Humble Administrator, Lingering, Lion's Grove, Master of Nets
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Tags: chinese gardens, suzhou

Nanjing – 30 September to 03 October 2012

Thursday, 4 Oct 2012 | Views [14962] | Comments [2]

The trip to Nanjing took only about an hour and a half from Shanghai on the high-speed train, though I don’t believe we topped 298 kph.  On the way, we must have passed at least ten nuclear power plants (based on cooling towers I observed).... Read more >

Tags: china, nanjing, sun zhongshan li, tangshan

We found it!

Wednesday, 3 Oct 2012 | Views [888] | Comments [5]

Saturday afternoon Gloria and a native Shanghainese friend named Tree took me to the old French Concession area.   Here all the streets have been renamed, but Tree, who has been researching the old tobacco industry in Shanghai, knew about ... Read more >

Tags: myers, shanghai

Photos: Nanjing - Sun Yatsen Mausoleum and Ming Tombs

Tuesday, 2 Oct 2012 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Fuzimiao District

Tuesday, 2 Oct 2012 | Photo Gallery

Nanjing Confucius Temple Area
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The Meeting

Tuesday, 2 Oct 2012 | Views [695]

Gloria and I met Professor Wu at a lounge (similar to The Sub at Boise State, only much nicer and with a full bar) on the Fudan University campus.   He is a studious, soft-spoken man of middle years.   He brought with him the printed ... Read more >

Tags: fudan, myers, shanghai

Photos: ZhongHuaMen and Ancient City Wall of Nanjing

Monday, 1 Oct 2012 | Photo Gallery

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Tags: china, nanjing, nanjing city wall, zhong hua men

Photos: Tangshan

Monday, 1 Oct 2012 | Photo Gallery

Visiting the Countryside
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Tags: china, countryside, tangshan

Photos: Shanghai to Nanjing

Monday, 1 Oct 2012 | Photo Gallery

30 September 2012
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Photos: Shanghai 120929

Sunday, 30 Sep 2012 | Photo Gallery

Scenes from Shanghai
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Photos: The House at 1462/10 on Fuxin Road

Sunday, 30 Sep 2012 | Photo Gallery

formerly, Rue de Lafayette
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Tags: china, myers, shanghai

Photos: Shanghai 120928 evening

Saturday, 29 Sep 2012 | Photo Gallery

Xin Tian Di, The Bund
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Tags: bund, shanghai, xintiandi

Xin Tian Di and the Bund

Saturday, 29 Sep 2012 | Views [2175] | Comments [1]

Gloria and I walked around Xin Tian Di and met Huiling there for dinner.   Xin Tian Di is an old area of Shanghai that has been remodeled into small shops, restaurants, and bistros.   The traditional architecture, especially the shikumen ... Read more >

Tags: bund, china, shanghai

Automotive History Museum

Saturday, 29 Sep 2012 | Views [925] | Comments [1]

Have I mentioned the cold showers?   Last night I finally found the magic touch that makes the water warm instead of cold.   Twice I took showers in water warmer than my cold hands, but cooler than the rest of my body!   It’s a great motivator ... Read more >

Tags: shanghai

Yu Yuan - Shoka in Shanghai

Saturday, 29 Sep 2012 | Views [485]

Shoka is an ancient word for stone.   The Yuyuan (garden) is a garden of stone, water, prana (plants), and sculpture.   Shaped by the movement of water, the stones of the garden hold the peace acquired from the ages lying at ... Read more >

Tags: shanghai, yu yuan garden

Nanjing Road – Day and Night

Saturday, 29 Sep 2012 | Views [455]

Nanjing Road is a busy shopping district walking street.   Visiting it during the day is really different from the night view.   We visited it first on Thursday afternoon and ate lunch at a lovely, quiet restaurant.   Then Friday night, ... Read more >

Tags: nanjing road, shanghai

Photos: Shanghai 120928

Saturday, 29 Sep 2012 | Photo Gallery

Automotive History Museum, Lunch
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Tags: antique cars, shanghai, shanghai automotive museum

Photos: Shanghai 120927

Saturday, 29 Sep 2012 | Photo Gallery

Nanjing Road, Lunch, and Meeting
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Tags: fudan university, myers, shanghai

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