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The Magical China Trip 2012

About emacinat

Passport Picture - This is me ...

Passport Picture - This is me ...

Who am I?  I am many things.  I am a being of love, a part of the Amaraji Maha Marai family (the People of Love of the Great Promise).  I am an ESL teacher, librarian, systems administrator, business process analyst, and much more.  I am on a journey of discovery, pursuing something I feel impelled to do, both for myself and for my father.  I began following the journey of my father, who lived in China for 15 years, in 2009 when I first visited China.  On that trip I discovered two things:  1-Modern China (Xin Zhongquo 新中国) is not the China my father experienced; 2-while the pursuit of my father’s journey may have triggered it, I am feeling a call to today’s China that entirely my own.  The continuing pursuit of both these discoveries is an integral part of my own journey.  This journal is my twofold journey.

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