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More News from Somewhere So long, and thanks for all the fish.


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Photos: Damn you Frenchies Canadia

Sunday, 24 Apr 2011 | Photo Gallery

Photos from our time in Quebec City and Montreal, in French Canada. Despite the title, a really fun time.
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Photos: Leaving Whistler

Sunday, 24 Apr 2011 | Photo Gallery

The very last Whistler photos. I promise.
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Canada, French style

Monday, 18 Apr 2011 | Views [1006] | Comments [1]

There has been a lot happening since we last posted - we left Whistler, travelled east to Quebec City and Montreal, visited some family in Portland, Maine and then hit up New York City, before heading in to Mexico. To keep the blogs a reasonable length, ... Read more >

Tags: canada, montreal, quebec

Whistler in Review: Part 3 - The Lifestyle

Friday, 8 Apr 2011 | Views [5559]

Being a ski bum; working patchy hours for minimum wage; living in the Australian Refugee Camp, aka The Ghetto, aka Staff Housing; partying in Whistler; riding all the time? Is it worth it? The basic Whistler lifestyle is summarised beautifully in this ... Read more >

Tags: whistler

Whistler in Review: Part 2 - The Village

Friday, 25 Mar 2011 | Views [2084] | Comments [1]

Whistler in Review: Part 2 - The Village Whistler village was constructed in 1978 from the old garbage dump. So it was designed around the same time as these buildings . As you'd probably expect, most of the village is devoted to a combination ... Read more >

Tags: whistler

Photos: Latest Whistler Happs

Tuesday, 22 Mar 2011 | Photo Gallery

The latest things that have been going on at Whistler
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Tags: ice skating, snow, whistler

Whistler in Review: Part 1 - The Mountains

Sunday, 13 Mar 2011 | Views [3059] | Comments [1]

So after almost 5 months in Whistler, we have less than 3 weeks to go here. To look back at our time here, we'll be preparing three posts reviewing different aspects of our time here - the mountains, the village and the lifestyle. So with no further ... Read more >

Tags: mountains, skiings, snow, whistler

Whistler gets awesome.

Thursday, 24 Feb 2011 | Views [2216]

So after a couple of quiet weeks, with not as much snow as we’d become accustomed to, we were starting to wonder if that was it for the season. The snow base dropped about 20cm, from around 245cm to 225cm, non-pisted runs were getting mogelled to the ... Read more >

Tags: music, snow, whistler

Photos: So. Much. Snow.

Thursday, 24 Feb 2011 | Photo Gallery

We've got loads of snow, Australia Day, Carly visiting, and loads of snow. Did I mention snow?
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Tags: snow, whistler

Christmas, New Year and other times in Whistler

Monday, 17 Jan 2011 | Views [1918]

There's been a fair few happenings since our last blog. First stop, our engagement party. We had our engagement party at the Firerock Bar, before moving down to the Cinnamon Bear for more drinks. It was raining in the village that evening, so we got ... Read more >

Tags: engagement, snowboarding, whistler

Photos: All in a days work: times on and around the mountains

Tuesday, 11 Jan 2011 | Photo Gallery

Photos of the last few weeks from Whistler
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Photos: We wish you a merry Whistmas and first tracks in the new year

Tuesday, 11 Jan 2011 | Photo Gallery

Photos from Christmas and its lead up, 2010
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Photos: Engagement Party

Tuesday, 11 Jan 2011 | Photo Gallery

Our engagement party at the Firerock in Whistler
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Tags: engagement, whistler

An Engaging Opening

Thursday, 2 Dec 2010 | Views [1115]

So for those who don't facebook, or at least facebook either Bronwyn or myself, or don't communicate with people who do facebook us (you get the picture), Bron and I got engaged last week! It was our first day off together since Whistler had opened, ... Read more >

Tags: engagement, snow, whistler

Photos: Opening weeks of Whistler and engagement photos

Thursday, 2 Dec 2010 | Photo Gallery

Photos from our first week or so skiing Whistler, and from our engagement
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Tags: engagement, snow, whistler

Photos: Whistler - the night before opening

Friday, 19 Nov 2010 | Photo Gallery

Photos of the last couple of weeks
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Tags: snow, whistler

Season's Eve

Friday, 19 Nov 2010 | Views [606]

The last couple of weeks have been fairly slow, waiting for the season to kick off. The initial snow didn't quite last the afternoon. It warmed up for a bit and we spent time in the gym getting ready for the season, and in the pub, undoing our good work.... Read more >

Tags: snow, whistler

Somewhere in Whistler - Moving in and Halloween

Tuesday, 2 Nov 2010 | Views [1009]

We arrived into Whistler about a week and a half ago. We moved into our apartment at Base 2 on Blackcomb with another West Aussie, Joanne. Our apartment still has an empty room, so we're waiting on our fourth housemate. Whistler at this time of year ... Read more >

Tags: halloween, snow

Photos: Spooky Hallowenians

Tuesday, 2 Nov 2010 | Photo Gallery

Photos from Halloween at Whistler, and getting ready for Halloween.
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Photos: Whistler and its happenings

Tuesday, 2 Nov 2010 | Photo Gallery

Some things we've been doing in and around Whistler
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