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Mustang. A Trek to the Kingdom of Lo A bunch of friends decided to explore the remote kingdom of Lo, and climbing the Pisang Peak in Nepal in October 2010. And.. this journal will record our adventures :))

Readings on Mustang. A small bibliography.

NEPAL | Monday, 27 September 2010 | Views [1477]

There's not much available on the remote Kingdom of Lo - it's not like, say, the Annapurna trek, with tons of material available from the internet or in specialized libraries. But this is precisely what makes this trip more intriguing, the fact that we'll be a little more o......f explorers and a little less of tourists... at least that's how we feel :)

Because I like to know where I'm going and the trip starts looooong before leaving home, I'm after everything I could find on Mustang. Filippo is thanking The Wise God of Old Publications and Out of Print Editions that left not so many information around, otherwise “books” would become the most expensive voice in our trekking budget... but hey, isn't it more and more like a treasury hunt? I love to look around for the map that's bringing you the secret treasure.

I'm actually reading, altogether and therefore in a scattered order:
1. Mustang. A lost Tibetan Kingdom, by Michel Peissel.
One of the first westerners to enter the kingdom, in 1964, was granted permission to visit the region and study its customs. The book was published in 1967. A classic. And fun reading too.
2. The Last Forbidden Kingdom: Mustang, Land of Tibetan Buddhism. Clara Marullo and Vanessa Schuurbeque Boeye.
Another classic, beautiful photos, and foreword from His Holyness the Dalai Lama. Incidentally, the foreword was written on the day of my 20th birthday :)
3. Mustang. A un passo dal cielo - One step from the sky. Photos by Giampietro Mattolin, Texts by Fiorenza Auriemma, published in Italy in 2007.
Photos are gorgeous and the trek is more or less the same as ours. Giampietro has a trekking agency and organizes trips in the area
4. Immagini nel Silenzio/Images of Silence. Mustang. Photos by Gianni Limonta. Ferrari Editrice, Clusone (BG), 1994.
This is the book that started it all. The one I heard about and that made me decide I wanted to visit Mustang too. Bravo Gianni, grazie per l'idea!

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