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Mustang. A Trek to the Kingdom of Lo A bunch of friends decided to explore the remote kingdom of Lo, and climbing the Pisang Peak in Nepal in October 2010. And.. this journal will record our adventures :))

My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

France | Tuesday, November 8, 2011 | 4 photos

I think I should be chosen for this scholarship because I like to tell stories, possibly from an unusual angle, using words as well as images: I feel I could become so much a better photographer with a mentor, someone who could help me making the most of my intuitions, coaching me to focus better. Eventually, I'd like to become a professional story-teller, sharing beauty and uplifting images and stories.
Since I was a teen I was passionate about photography- only, we had little money for a camera to go out, shoot and develop film, so with my best friend we used to spend afternoons at a great prints shop in town, just to look at the prints, posters of paintings and beautiful photographs alike. Doisneau was one of our favorites. Also Elliott Erwitt, with his witty shots. The shop eventually went out of business, we weren't good customers - but we dreamed wild, drinking beauty as if it was water.
With money from my first job I bought a used reflex, 50mm lenses, and began playing with it. I spent nights developing and printing B/W rolls with friends. Made millions mistakes.
These shots of Bonifacio are made with the same old Fujica on B/W film. Despite some light filtering into the camera, I love the sense of quiet they convey.
I'd love to go back to that learning mood also with my digital camera: I sometimes feel that my digital shots lack of something compared to my first "good shots" on film, depth maybe. I'm also very eager to learn how to shoot better in the wilderness, at wild life in particular: for me it would be so unique to learn on the field.

I would love to give back to the community of photographers transmitting my passion and excitement, sharing my learning experience with the trip journal, on blogs and video.