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Mustang. A Trek to the Kingdom of Lo A bunch of friends decided to explore the remote kingdom of Lo, and climbing the Pisang Peak in Nepal in October 2010. And.. this journal will record our adventures :))

Mustang, finally!

SWITZERLAND | Wednesday, 6 October 2010 | Views [906]

...so we're entering officially the Upper Mustang area, it was time! We are in Kaghbeni, nice little village were we arrived today, and from tomorrow when we will trek up along the Kali Gandaki river valley.

Kathmandu was hot and chaos, lots of tekkers lots of people lot of traffic. Our trip by minibus to Pokhara took some 10 hours to cover 250 km, not too bad! This morning we flew in to Jomsom, on a plane so small that we were all sitting with the pilot, almost. Super cool landing on a tiny tiny tiny strip of tarmac in the middle of the mountains, pilots must be excellent to survive :)

By the way, Kagbeny is really pretty. The houses are tiny and look lovely, and the red brick monastery is really an impressive one. It shelters masks, paintings, and a sacred book that dates back 600 years, so it is somehing. As for the team, we're doing excellent. Michela's "happiness-machine" (as I call her micro-pump for insuline) so far works wonders, and that's good. Filippo and Bjorn are playing the fools as always, while Madeleine and myself enjoy the views. So it's all under control.

Tonight we shared Mustang coffee wiht our sridar, sherpas and cooks, along with a waka-waka moment together. And it's only the first day, so I guess this can only become more funny along the way. Hands up for the cook, areal chef who is spoiling us with Nepali delicacies. For those of us who wanted to use this long trek to lose some weight: I am starting to wonder about the efficacy of this "D-plan", where D stands for Diet. It might as well stand for Delicacies... we have even found a German Bakery here that bakes real chocolate cake, so much for the diet :)

Tomorrow next lenght of the trek. Destination Chele.

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