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Less for Mud

MALAYSIA | Thursday, 14 January 2016 | Views [478]

After breakfast at Mcdonalds, I started the day with a free walking tour. This guide was ok but not great.  It started in what is called the Kuala Lumpur gallery, which scale models of Kuala Lumpur, and she explained the progress of the city. The tour guide also showed us various buildings and the textile museum, where she took us inside and told us about clothing from people in Malaysia including the shoes. The tour guide didn't have much of a sense of humor, but I did learn that originally Malayisa was Malaya-and territories we're added later that gave the country is former name. I also learned that Singapore was part of Malaysia.


The lady did recommend a good restaurant that served a combination of Chinese and Malaysian food- (There is a Chinese/Malaysian sub group ethnicity here in  Malaysia)-so myself and two others from the tour went there, and the food was quite good.  I had some tofu dish which was nice and spicy.  So one good thing the tour guide did was recommend a good restaurant.


Another thing the tour guide did was recommend a musical about Kuala Lumpur called Mud (the meaning of Kuala Lumpur is muddy rivers) which was to show the story of Kuala Lumpur.  The price shown in brochures and online was 60 RL (approx $12)-yet when buying a ticket, the price was 80 RL-$18)-apparently prices went up for 2016.   We didn't want to pay the higher price, but we sort of wanted to see the show.  At 2:45-15 min before the show we went to the theater and tried to pay the lower price-the person in the ticket booth said no-the new prices we're in the system.  Being a New Yorker I asked to see the manager (in a tactful way)-once again the manager said no. We had to pay the higher price. I asked if the theater was full (it was obvious it wasn't close to full- as nobody was buying tickets or walking in).  Not knowing what to do, we  sat in the lobby enjoying the air conditioning and free wifi. 


At 3:01 or so, right when the show was starting. We walked out of the theater.  As we we're walking out a woman in  Muslim garb walked in-she asked us if we wanted to see the show. I said yet but it was too expensive-she said she could give us a special price-so we walked back to the ticket window-where they told us to pay later since the show was starting. We walked into the theater itself, which seated approximately 300 people but there we're only 10 people there, and saw the show (there we're more actors then audience members).


The show was a sort of corny musical-showing an Indian, a Malaysian and Chinese person founding Kuala Lumpur for trading, then a fire which burnt down the town-and everyone joyously agreeing to rebuild-then a flood destroying the town-and once again everyone joyously agreeing to rebuild. There we're scenes of people cooking. stirring, putting out the fire, etc. There was audience participation. (I think I dozed off at one point)


At the end of the day I was glad I saw it-and gladder I didn't pay the full price (we we're able to pay 52 RL-the Malaysian residents price).


I then went back to the hostel to do some work. I ate the free dinner (some rice), and walked to the night market at  Chinatown where all sorts of cheap stuff we're sold. I then went back to the rooftop bar for drinking to more Hotline Bling and Justin Bieber.

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