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Hello Hotel

ROMANIA | Tuesday, 13 October 2015 | Views [613]

Yesterday was another cold wet day here in Bucharest, and the first thing I did was buy a used lens for my camera(the other lens broke), and then I left the hostel and moved to a hotel for three reasons:


(1) The blanket provided was just a mattress cloth, which didn't keep me very warm, particularly when it was in the 30's and 40's outside and the room wasn't very warm either. I could feel a cold coming on.

(2) The "locker" locked from the front, but the back of the  "locker" was just a piece of cardboard which wasn't even well attached, so someone feel around to the back of the "locker" and steal my camera, computer, and other items.

(3) A hostel is just a bad place in bad weather, as everyone is hanging out in the common room, which in this case was dark and dank. 

(4) I drank enough the past few days, and needed  a break-which isn't conducive to hostels. 



So I left and checked into a hotel called Hello Hotel, which is a budget chain. The room was 40 Euros per night, but I upgraded to a larger room for 5 more Euros. Why? Because it was 11:45 am when I got to the hotel, and check in usually starts at 3-but for 5 more euros I would not only receive the larger room but it was ready immediately-important when it is cold, windy and rainy outside (vs waiting till' 3 for the room I booked).


So I went to the room after checking in, relaxed and took a nap. Then I went out and walked around the city one last time-this included taking the metro back to the camera store for other supplies. I also went to some squares on the tourist map.


For dinner, I actually didn't eat out-I bought some food from a supermarket-which was some veggie burgers, potato salad, cabbage, and some oranges, and ate them in the room-which was quite relaxing. I then watched TV-Pawn Stars was on, and went to bed.

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