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Tarnovo Chill

BULGARIA | Thursday, 8 October 2015 | Views [420]

Yesterday was a final relaxing day here in Tarnovo. Actually, I was debating weather to go to Bucharest, with a friend who I have stayed in a few hostels with and was going yesterday, or stay an additional day-and I decided to stay an extra day,  just because I felt I wasn't ready to move on, although I three weeks I have to go home so I also feel I need to rush, which I don't like. And it was a nice day, I could actually wear shorts.


First, I went with my friend to buy a ticket for the train, and walked with him to the train station, so I would know how to find it. It was a somewhat long and confusing walk (particularly because most of the people in town who we asked for directions didn't speak English or didn't know where the rail station was).  But we found it, and after I left him there I walked back to the hostel, and read my book for a while.


Then I walked to an English language bookstore which I found out about. The lady working there was nice, so I bought a book which I don't think  I have room for. The book is about the end of communism in Eastern  Europe. 


I then walked around town, and has some veggie raw hot dogs from a drug store for lunch.


After a nap at the  hostel for a few hours, and read my book once again, and had dinner at the hostel of thick lentil soup. Dinner was nice-as I spoke with a family from New Zealand, and people from Italy, Korea, Russia, Argentina, and Chile. We didn't talk about much-but simply about past and future travel plans.


After dinner, I read a little bit more and went to bed.


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