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Gday to Gdansk

POLAND | Thursday, 13 August 2015 | Views [357]

Yesterday I took the bus from Warsaw to Gdansk, which is in the northern part of Poland


I was happy to leave Warsaw. As mentioned, Warsaw has an old town, but it's not too old and certainly not as nice as Krakow's. Other then that, people who live in Warsaw are proud of the fact that it is a relatively modern city with skyscrapers. But as far as Skyscrapers, is isn't New York, Chicago or even Miami or Atlanta. It looks more like a small-medium US city-closer to Fort Lauderdale. And the weather was very hot and very sweaty.


The bus ride was a 4 1/2 hour trip, and as to be expected by bus-a long 4  1/2 hours. The bus wasn't horrible, as it was clean, the seats we're leather, there was wifi, and the seat next to mine was empty-but once again, it was still a bus. The woman in front of me had a long loud conversation on her cell phone. She was an elderly woman-who looked like my old neighbor from Sunrise Lakes-but my neighbor would be over 100 by now and I don't think would be in Poland-so I guess it wasn't her. Anyway, after what seemed like an hour-long conversation, I started to mimic her to show my annoyance. She kept on repeating words like "dobre. dobre. dobre", or "nya nya nya". So I would say "dobre dobre dobre" or "nya nya nya". Eventually she hung up and gave me dirty looks.


Upon arriving in Gdansk I walked to the hotel. Gdansk is very different then Warsaw.Warsaw was a big city which was very hot, and not very quaint. Gdansk is a beautiful old harbor city on the northern part of Poland, apparently part of a ship-building culture, and the weather was delightful. It was in the 70's with a nice Baltic breeze. After checking in yesterday, I walked around amongst the old buildings and docks. There was a big festival/flea market going on downtown, and there were vendors lined up everywhere selling some of everything, from pirogi to old records.  i walked around till about 10:00 pm, and then went the hostel and went to bed.


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