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Budapest Commuist Day

HUNGARY | Monday, 20 July 2015 | Views [429]

Yesterday was a somewhat busy day.  I extended my stay at the party hostel by another day, so I had to change rooms, which necessitates checking out of one room from 10 am to 12 pm and checking into the new room at 2 pm. 


I went to check out around 9:57 am, and the guy's first words to me we're "your not going to check out now, are you, I gotta be somewhere!". I told the guy I would come back later, but it may not be until after 12:00 pm.


I went to the House of Terror Museum. The museum was in a building originally that was both the headquarters of the  Nazi party in Budapest, and then the Russian communists when they we're here, and thus the museum had exhibits related to both the Nazi's and Communists. They had presentations telling the stories of Nazi/communist victims, examples of weapons used against them, and different exhibits related to work, religion, etc. I don't like most museums, but this was pretty interesting.


After the museum, at around 1:15, I went to check out and check back in, the woman behind the desk, who appeared to be under the influence of mind-altering substances, did the checkout, but told me to come back after 2 for the key to the new room. After lunch, I did, and had a room even smaller then the first, with 12 beds jammed in. The room also included assorted garbage, with at least one plate of half-eaten pizza, etc.


At 3:30, I went on a Communist walking tour, which was given by the same people who gave the original free walking tour and pub tour. The tour guide discussed life under communism, portrayed against various buildings. For example, he talked about health care in from of a hospital. Being the Hungary was a communist country until 1989, scars we're still visible, including bloc housing. The tour guide also showed us a display of communist artifacts, including  a atlas from school that showed the USSR was the center of the world, (and omitted America), and passports from the communist area. (A red passport was given to just about everyone, and permitted travel within Communist Russian-controlled states, and a blue passport was given to very few, and permitted travel to  western countries.


After the tour, which was about 6::00, I went back to the hostel for a nap. And then I walked to the huge fort on the opposite side of the river. It was about 1:00 am when I returned. I sat outside and talked to some of the guys-I learned that one of the guys in my room was fornicating in the room so loudly that everyone else was complaining the night before, but I slept right through it. I went to bed at 2:00 am, again a pathetically early hour at the party hostel.

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