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Climb every Mountain-Find Your Cool

AUSTRIA | Wednesday, 8 July 2015 | Views [511]

Yesterday was my final day in Salzburg. I really didn't have much to see yesterday, but it was so nice having my own hotel room-that I decided to enjoy it for a final day (plus I didn't feel like packing up just yet)

And once again, it was in the 90's. And it was pretty much inescapable. Many buildings don't have air conditioning, and buses don't have air conditioning. I was debating weather to do another tourist attraction-this one being a large estate with magical fountains that shoot water from everywhere, or to just go to "Europark". 


Frankly, I felt I needed a break from tour guides, museum headsets, tourists with selfie-sticks, etc, (plus I really wanted somewhere cool. So I chose Europark. What is Europark?  Europark is a shopping mall at the end of a bus line. So I left my non air conditioned hotel and took a sweaty  non air conditioned bus ride for about 40 minutes to Europark. With a name that reflects an entire continent, I was expecting a Mall-Of-Americaish compound of hotels, amusement parks, mini golf, aquariums, etc, etc in addition to a mall. Needless to say, I was underwhelmed.  Europark had about 130 stores, so it was a decent size mall-but it was cool inside.  I looked around, bought a cleaning set for my camera, had a lunch of vegetarian curry and couscous-and decided to find a bench inside the mall to take a break and maybe a nap. I found one, but not easily-every bench was taken. I am convinced a large percentage of Salzburg went to Europark for the purpose of keeping cool.  After I relaxed, read for a while, and took a nap, I went into a drug store to buy some desert of nuts, chocolate and dried fruit, and had to start all over again and look for another bench. Someone took my bench.


After Europark, I walked around the old city a little more, and went back to the hostel to take  another nap  (with a few showers to alleviate the heat). I then went out for dinner in the old town-just a salmon sandwich and a warm beer (hard to escape the heat), and after one last walk around the city, went back to the room and to bed.



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