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Zurich Beautiful

SWITZERLAND | Tuesday, 30 June 2015 | Views [504]

Yesterday, I checked out of the YMCA and left Basel. I am glad I did. The YMCA was sort of weird and a pain in the ass-and it has nothing to do with the big black guy who  basically slept next to me for one night-which he did.  There was a small shelf above where my head was on the bed, which  was handy for keeping my wallet, keys, etc. But the ladder down (I was on a top bunk), was at the foot of the bed-so at least twice I forgot my key when I  was going to the shower, and I had climb up and traverse my way to where my head was to get the key.

Plus Basel wasn't my type of town-it was very nice, situated on the Rhine river, but as I mentioned before, there was no view of the Alps. Also, it was a very wealthy town, with the shops and expensive resturants, and didn't feel much like a real city.

So for around $35.00 for an approximately 60 mile train ride, I went to Zurich, the largest city in  Switzerland. And Zurich is cool. From the city you can see some of the alps, and while just like Basel, the city is on both sides of a river, Zurich is also right on a lake (of the same name). And has great architecture, stores and restaurants of all types, and many different types of people it seems, including the homeless of most large cities.

Yesterday,  upon getting into the city around noon-I brought my luggage to the hostel, which wasn't ready to check into yet. The hostel, unlike the YMCA in Basel, is in an alternative neighborhood, with cutting edge bars. The hostel itelf had a packed bar. (The  YMCA was located in a quiet, leafy neighborhood, which seems like most neighborhoods in Basel).  I then went to the tourist information center back in the train station and signed up for a walking tour of the city.   I learned that the large global investment banks headquarted here in Zurich we're originally established to finance the expanision of  the railroads here in Switzerland (and more specifically, the development of tunnels through the mountains). I also learned that Albert Einstein was a student and professor here, and that Lenin lived in Zurich and studied at the university library, while plotting his revolution. I saw churches and old buildings, and striking views.

After the tour, I checked into the hostel, and went back downtown. I had dinner again at my favorite restuarant in Switzerland-the Co-op (actually a supermarket, but the cheapest place in town), and walked back downtown towards the lake. At the lake, I encountered a woman feeding the swans and ducks. We talked for a while, and she told me how she communicates with the animals, and how animals always graviate towards her. She even mentioned how a pigeon landed on her head one time, and she couldn't figure out how that happened, and neither could any people watching.  Another difference between Basel and Zurich: If you remember, back in Basel, I encountered a group of people at a bar discussing human geonomes, cells, etc. That I can't relate to. A crazy woman communicating with animals-THAT I can relate to.

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