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It's Fun to Stay at the....

SWITZERLAND | Saturday, 27 June 2015 | Views [535]

I am staying at the YMCA hostel here in Basel. I am convinced this is it.  This is the place the Village People wrote about. Why would I say that? Well first all, this is an ok hostel. There are 8 beds in the room, plenty of people sitting around using laptop computers, cell phones, etc. (just like any other hostel-plus I am pretty sure the Village People didn't write songs about computers and cell phones).  There is also an expensive breakfast: 8.50 Francs (or around $9.00), buys cereal, rolls, coffee, orange juice, and the same stuff provided for free in hostels in countries-that-aren't-Switzerland.  Once again, I don't think the Village People we're writing about breakfast-I don't even think they we're up in time for breakfast.

Then why do I think the Village People wrote about this YMCA? Check out these beds? I am in an 8 person dorm, and there is one small divider (just from the torso up, if that) seperating my bed from my neighbors. That means I could sneak into  my neighbor's bed, (or him into mine-in the spirit of the Village People) for a little fornicatin'. Unfortunately, up to this point, the bed next to mine was empty. But maybe tonight will be luckier.

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