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Sevillin n Chillin

SPAIN | Monday, 15 June 2015 | Views [483]

Yes. I am still here in Seville, (and running out of titles as you can see). Yesterday was an ok day-not too exciting.

The first thing I did was search for a breakfast place with wifi. While a lot of local places have wifi, I usually just rely on Starbucks and Mcdonalds (they are generally less expensive then local places, even Starbucks, and the wifi is usually reliable).  I went to Starbucks first, ordered a Coffee and crossaint, and sat down, and I couldn't access their wifi. Now this is the ultimate irony-if you remember, when searching for the hostel, the only way I was able to find it at around 1:30 am was by sitting outside a CLOSED Starbucks and using their wifi.  Now I was a paying customer during business hours, sitting inside the restaurant, and this time, I couldn't access their wifi.  So after finishing the crossant and half a coffee-I spotted a Mcdonalds across the street and went there(I didn't spot the Mcdonalds originally). The wifi worked just fine. And the breakfast is cheap and relatively good. (A cappuccino, toast with tomato and olive oil, and yogurt with fruit is still about the cost of a coffee alone at Starbucks, and probably less then most local resturants). Of course the only issue is, the seats feel like, and the restaurant smells like, well, a Mcdonalds.

After breakfast, I took a walk to a part of town I hadn't before, thanks to my friend Ida Valero. It was called Macarena, and it a walled part of town, with a beautiful old church. (I don't think it has anything to do with the hit song from the mid-90's).  The cool thing about a Sunday morning here is everyone is going to Church, so the churchs are in action, and it was quite beautiful seeing the service start. I didn't stay  long, as the services weren't in English, and if it was I still wouldn't have stayed long.  Attached to the Church was a gift shop, where I purchased a ticket on the hop-on hop-off bus, (the church was also a museum, and even on Sunday, the wheels of commerce keep turning). I didn't use the ticket yet as I felt like walking, and I walked to the opposite side of the river, saw a sign from the Estadio Olimpico (which reminded me of Tucker grilling Pat Healy in "There's Something About Mary"), and went to an observation post, and a museum about sea life in the 1400's, when Columbus sailed from Spain.  Considering it was free with the hop-on hop-off bus ticket, it was actually a pretty good museum.

I then took a nap, and went back to the part of town where "the mushrooms" are, the large parasols that keep a plaza cool in the summer, where you can walk to the top. I then walked back to the room.

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