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Did you hear about the guy who ate his eyeballs?

PORTUGAL | Friday, 29 May 2015 | Views [411]

Yesterday, I left the UK.  I took a 2 1/2 journey by train to London Gatwick airport, which involved changing trains at a station called Reading. The train(s) stopped at the typical England villages, with a car park, nice town square, some with office buildings, etc.  The Gatwick Airport station looked like a similar stop-none of the usual types of airport arrival symbols like hotels, planes taking on and off, etc-just a monorail going off into the distance. 

So it was a surprise when I walked right out of the rail station into the airport terminal, complete with people rushing, the arrival/departure board, ticket counters, etc. The same type of surprise as if you open your bedroom door to the airport terminal.

I waited on line for a flight on EasyJet-a discount carrier. The line was long. Behind me was a Robin Leach thin, prosperous looking British fellow-in his 70's (if I had to guess) wearing a nice blazer, hair coiffed perfectly, and a attractive seemingly younger wife who was an American. They we're headed to Faro, the South of Portugal-for a beach holiday to where the crowds weren't too bad. They we're the picture of British affluence-well travelled, etc. The couple seemed right out of central casting for a film on upper-crust British Society (with the wife from the US)-but they we're on Easyjet.

Easyjet is a typical discount carrier-food and drinks for sale, no leg room, etc. I found myself in the back of the place, sitting next to two 20ish girls. One looked like Jackie from That 70's show ( I know the actress was in Ted as well, but she looked just like Jackie), with a British accent of course.

The other was heavy set, and I had no idea how she fit in her seat. I have no idea who she looked like, but her voice was like Minnie Driver's in Good Will Hunting.

Apparently they we're on a beach holiday to Lisbon, to get some sun. They we're reading some Gossip magazines, and the Minnie Driver voice turned to the other and said "Did you hear about the guy in Australia who picked him own eyeballs and ate them?"

Jackie from that 70's show said "Now, how do you know that?"

Someone told me about it!

Hmmm, maybe the Brits believe some of the stuff from their tabloids.

Anyway, I got into Lisbon and to my hotel about 9:45 last night, after a nice subway ride. It is hot, people we're eating and drinking in the streets, and the music was playing. And things are less expensive then the UK!  I took a quick walk, and am excited.




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