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Train Ride to Scotland

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 17 May 2015 | Views [491]

AFter the ride to the beach, I boarded the train to Edinburgh.  The ride was approximately 3 1/2 to 4 hours, and I had to change trains along the way. The first train ride was only an hour  or so and the second was a good 2 2/3 to 3 hours. The scenary was absolutely amazing, with pastures, sheep, hills, windmills etc, so the ride went by fast. Additionally, this group of guys was on the train, including a 64 year old fella who was hysterical. I only understood every other word (maybe) because his scottish accent was so strong, but the way he said it was funny. He looked like a Scottish Archie Bunker (I guess Scottish Carroll O'Conner).

I first met this guy during the stop to change trains. I Took a walk in between trains and found a store called Poundstrecher. I was hungry so I bought a bag of toffee flavored popcorn-(really tasted just like Crackerjacks)-it was only 1 pound ($1.53 or somethingl iike that) for the whole bag-it was actually 4 smaller bags (I think) in this large bag-too much for me-so I saw him on the platform, and offered him a bag (Actually he came  up to me first and said hello-maybe he saw me eating and wanted a bag) I don't talk to strangers on a train platform ordinarily, but I  had extra I wasn't going to eat.

Anyway, I Found myself seated near him on the train-hysterical man. saying "fookin" with every other word or so. He also helped lead me to  my hotel the following day.

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