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UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 16 May 2015 | Views [432] | Comments [2]

Well-yesterday I checked out of the beloved PodWorks hotel and checked into a hostel. You see, PodWorks was full, but I wanted to stay in beautiful Liverpool another day(a city I really underestimated-it has gorgeous Greek-Roman architecture, a deep maritime history, and a lot of culture, not just the fab 4). 



I really wanted to love staying at a hostel.  Meeting like-minded travelers, sharing a pint, and saving a bit of cash (many time up to 50% less then the least expensive hotels),  seemed like nirvana. Plus these we're long-term travelers like myself, not just going on vacay for a week. Well I took a bus to the hostel, knocked on the door and walked in.  This place was different-dance music was playing-attractive people we're sitting in the courtyard smoking. The whole place smelled like pasta sauce, not like an Italian Resturant, but more like filthy pots/pans in the sink.


I Felt I was part of the club.  Not tourists-travelers.  It was a little early to check in, so I left, wandered around Liverpool for a little-went to some underground tunnels-and left (once I got there-I felt I was just burnt out on tourist attactions for a minute so I left, and got 4 rolls to eat for  a pound.  (Like $1.53 or so).  

Anyway, I returned about 2 hours later at 4:00 to check in. Still music playing. The young and cool we're watching Friends on the communal large-screen tv. A confused and bumbling guy checked me in-he offered to give me a locker for a pound for my stuff, but had trouble matching the keys with avaialble lockers.  Finally, he infomed me that the door was open until 10:00 pm, after that a code on the keypad on the door would open it. He told me one code, I believe it was CX8365,  and then wrote down the code on a piece of paper-CX3865. So I asked the guy which code was it-he got flustered and said either one would work. He also showed me the room, and gave me a key-a room I would share with 7 others. I am glad he gave me a key to the room, which means my stuff could only be stolen by the 7 other strangers in the room.  

Anyway, I went out to the aforementioned LightNight, and returned around midnight.  I wasn't quite tired yet, and somewhat scared to go into my room with 7 other strangers, so I watched Urban Cowboy on TV-is that the one with Dustin Hoffman? A few of the  other younger and cooler guests we're watching it on tv-Again I Felt like I was part of the club.  Finally, I felt it was the time of reckoning-the time to go to bed. I walked into mybed up to  my bunk. Not knowing where to put all my bags, including my big suitcase, and my other bag with my camera, notebook computer, etc, I put them on the bunk with me.  I underessed, and tried to go to bed. (I did't brush my teeth because that would require going into my suitcase and getting my toothbrush, paste). With the assorted beathing/snoring, etc of others in the room, i couldn't sleep for the life of me, plus i kept bumping into the suitcase, backpack, shoes, and pants (all  mine) which I was sharing the bunk with.  At about 1:30 am or so-I had an epiphany-the bunk directly next to mine was empty-I could put my suitcase, backpack, etc on that bed!! (It was just a few inches from my head). After all, surely nobody will check in after 1:30 and want to use that bed-WRONG-the hostel host came in with another guest about 2:00 and put a comforter on that bed, so I had to move my stuff back onto my bed.  


Eventually, I did drift to sleep. I woke up again around 6:00 am-(when the light came through the flimsy curtains), of course to the cacaphony of snores, breathing etc. I also learned this was a co-ed room.  When I woke up, I Saw someone with curly red hair in the bed opposite me-I figured it might be a guy-when I was able to  stand and see a little below her head I figured it wasn't. I just can't do  it.  I can't sleep in the same room with 7 strangers.  The thought just creeps me out. It's not just that I am 45 years old, I hated sharing a bunk in sleepaway camp. Even in college I shared a room with only one other person, and that wasn't preferable.   I wish I could love a hostel-but I just can't do it. The only person I Can share a room  with is my girlfriend. That place creeps me out, I left and checked out shortly before 7. Tonight I am "breaking the bank" and getting a hotel room.



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So sorry your experience was so bad mon chéri......at least you tried it....glad that only your girlfriend can be the one to share your room and bed !<br>xx

  Dany McLean May 17, 2015 5:16 AM


Pearlman, if you had not tried it, you would have never known. :) And, thanks to you, I know not to ever stay at a hostel.

  Marion Adair May 18, 2015 5:30 AM



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