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Roon the Globe Nadia's trip around the world in 365 days :)

The Last Leg - Byron Bay to Sydney

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 23 Dec 2010 | Views [306] | Comments [1]

I probably should have updated this a few days ago cos i have pretty much forgotten alot about Byron Bay even though it was only a week ago! One of my favourite places as it was so chilled out, a bit of a hippy town and a beautiful beach. I was staying ... Read more >

Photos: Brisbane & Byron Bay

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 15 Dec 2010 | Flickr Photo Gallery

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Brisbane via Noosa..

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 14 Dec 2010 | Views [336]

I've really been putting off this update because i don't have a great amount to talk about but here goes! We arrived in Noosa on Friday after a short couple of hours drive from Rainbow Beach and it was lovely and sunny. Unfortunately the hostel i was ... Read more >

Fraser Island..Goon-giggles in Paradise

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 11 Dec 2010 | Views [363] | Comments [3]

I don't like to over exaggerate but i think my trip to Fraser Island was one of the best 3 days i've had on my adventure so far.. Perfect scenery, idyllic weather, good banter and people..plus alcohol = fun times! We arrived at Rainbow Beach where ... Read more >

Photos: Fraser Island Paradise

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 10 Dec 2010 | Flickr Photo Gallery

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Photos: Steve Irwin's Zoo

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 10 Dec 2010 | Flickr Photo Gallery

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Agnes Water - Town of 1770 - Surfin'

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 6 Dec 2010 | Views [337] | Comments [1]

Quickie update about Agnes Waters as it was a bit of a whistle stop tour of the smallest place i've been to yet. The town Agnes Water and 1770, which is nearby, have only recently appeared on the backpacker map as they have pretty nice beaches and good ... Read more >

Photos: WETsunday Islands

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 3 Dec 2010 | Flickr Photo Gallery

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WETsunday Islands..

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 3 Dec 2010 | Views [327] | Comments [1]

Just a wee quick update about my trip tp the Whitsundays this week.. SO i left Cairns late on Monday night where it had pretty much rained for 2 weeks..most of the time. I totally thought heading down the coast it would clear up but no actually, it ... Read more >

Sex on the Reef

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 29 Nov 2010 | Views [310] | Comments [2]

Bit of a delay in updating this but i thought i'd write and tell you all about my trip to the reef last Thursday and what my plans are for the next few weeks before i hit Sydney. I had been planning to get out to the Great Barrier Reef whilst in Cairns ... Read more >

Planning my escape from Cairns

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 24 Nov 2010 | Views [299] | Comments [2]

Here's a little update..nothing that interesting to report as i've just been working away as usual! Tonight, i handed in my notice to work to let them know i'm leaving next week..felt quite bad and i'll be sad to leave cos i get on so well with everyone ... Read more >

Photos: Cape Trib trip

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010 | Flickr Photo Gallery

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Why does everybody think i'm Irish?!

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010 | Views [371] | Comments [4]

First of all..apologies for not updating this more regularly. I know some people reading it aren't on Facebook so don't see my daily updates on there :) The main reason i haven't updated it is because i haven't had anything particularly exciting to write ... Read more >

Tags: australia, cairns, cape tribulation

Photos: Cairns

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 30 Oct 2010 | Flickr Photo Gallery

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G'day mate (the short version)

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 27 Oct 2010 | Views [203] | Comments [1]

So this is just a mega quick update to let everyone know i'm still alive and having fun, i just have no free wifi in my hostel which means i can't afford to be on here blogging everyday! Things have been pretty chilled since i arrived as i'm looking ... Read more >

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