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Trip: Peru, Argentina and Chile

There are [31] stories from my trip: Peru, Argentina and Chile

Chiclayo, Peru

USA | Tuesday, 27 Jan 2009 | Views [540] | Comments [2]

7:00 am 1/26/2009: The flight into Chiclayo was smooth and non eventful.   As we approached the valley the mountains receded into the background and fields of glistening green stood out.   You could see that the fields were wet, as we got closer ... Read more >

Lima, Peru finally....

USA | Monday, 26 Jan 2009 | Views [385]

Arrived in Lima on Friday but we were too sick to do too much.  Day one: took a trip to the much famed Museum of Archeology and Anthropoly only to find out that our cab driver had dropped us at the wrong one...instead we got to view erotic art of the ... Read more >


ECUADOR | Wednesday, 21 Jan 2009 | Views [502]

Manta, Ecuador:   Arrived in port around 6 am this morning.   Nice dock, no tendering, just a shuttle up to the main gait to get out into the city.   We walked into town towards the fish and Mercado markets, about 15 minutes along the shore road.... Read more >

Beyond Panama City

PANAMA | Tuesday, 20 Jan 2009 | Views [568]

We moored off of the coast of Panama City in the port of Fuerto Amador. Wow…what a view of the city that is! It was beautiful to see after coming out of the Canal going from no population to this huge city that just towers above the shores with lots of ... Read more >

Panama Canal

USA | Sunday, 18 Jan 2009 | Views [509] | Comments [2]

Today we went through the Panama Canal.   We arrived at the front of a short line of Ships around 5:30 am and were through the first three locks by around 9 am.   Traveled down river for several hours then hit the last of the locks about 3:30 pm. ... Read more >

Vinnie's a STAR!

ARUBA | Saturday, 17 Jan 2009 | Views [551] | Comments [2]

  Today was a good day...hard to believe we've been at this for almost a week and only have one more week to go!  These old folks are going to do me in!  They are a grumpy lot!   Last night was hysterical!!!  Your dad got called up on stage to help ... Read more >

Southbound cruise Days 3, 4, and 5 (Jan 12, 13, and 14)

TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS | Friday, 16 Jan 2009 | Views [474] | Comments [1]

Day 3:  The day after Half Moon Cay, Bahamas, we arrived at Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos, for a few hours of beaching and snorkeling.  (As we pulled in, the MS Eurodam cruise ship was just pulling out.  It's the newest and biggest addition to the Holland ... Read more >

Gallery: Peru, Argentina & Chile 2009

PERU | Friday, 16 Jan 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Moving along....

USA | Tuesday, 13 Jan 2009 | Views [332] | Comments [1]

Relaxing day at Half Moon Cay.   Left port around 5ish pm, dinner was okay.   Very exciting night at the slot machines!   I played the 2cent slots and won $50!!   Wow!   It was very exhilarating!   The show was on Musicals…It was well done but ... Read more >

The love boat Day 1 and 2

BAHAMAS | Monday, 12 Jan 2009 | Views [606] | Comments [1]

Slow driving to the port, lots of traffic.   We left the car at the airport and had to wait for a bit on the bus to take us to the ship: lots of white hair, wheel chairs and walkers (not the fast kind).   Boarding the ship didn’t take long.   I ... Read more >

Back in time for Christmas and leaving again on January 9th

USA | Monday, 29 Dec 2008 | Views [251]

We have completed our trial trip, England.  It was fun, cold and a good beginning to our adventure.  We leave Jan 9th for South America....will keep friends and family posted on our whereabouts and adventures. 

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