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Vinnie's a STAR!

ARUBA | Saturday, 17 January 2009 | Views [486] | Comments [2]

Our net was -$75 on the slots for this trip...

Our net was -$75 on the slots for this trip...

Today was a good day...hard to believe we've been at this for almost a week and only have one more week to go!  These old folks are going to do me in!  They are a grumpy lot!
Last night was hysterical!!!  Your dad got called up on stage to help out the "juggler/comedian".  He didn't really want to but was a good sport.  I laughed so hard I peed my pants!  First he had to stand straight up, hands held tightly to his side while the guy swung knumbchucks (or sort of like things) that wizzed past his ears....that was pretty funny but then he made Dad put a cigarette in his mouth, lean forward with his chin jutting forward and his knees bent.  It was hysterical as he had him standing there for a good 5 minutes while he swung them everywhere but at the cigarette.  Finally, after much laughter from the old folks ( I think they picked Dad because he was one of the "young" crowd and figured he wouldn't have a heart attack)!!  he took the end off of the tip of the cigarette with his knumbchuck things.  Very funny!!
Today we got off at San Blas island.  Your grandfather was correct, they are just mud flats raised up in the ocean.  The were packed with us elders from the ship, walking down little island pathways between little stick houses made of ...sticks.  It was cute, lots of adorable kids.  Evie would have done a fine job begging for money!  She could have slumped her little shoulders and trained those little things to really work it!  It wasn't much of a destination but was nice to get off of the ship. 
Tonight we head towards the canal and will start going through tomorrow.  I guess it is going to take 12 hours +- to go all the way through. I'll send you a link and you may be able to see us.  Check out www.pancanal.com they are supposed to have a live link that shows ships going through.  I'll try to let you know the time frame we'll be heading past the camera!



I don't think my comments are showing up.....
that's so funny about Dad. what a good sport he is! What about pictures? I hope you're taking a bunch! make sure you take a lot going thru the canal! I'll be watching the canal cam.

  Beth Jan 18, 2009 12:06 AM


I hope to GOD you got photographic evidence!

  Mel Jan 20, 2009 9:55 AM

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