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Ok worry warts!!!

FRANCE | Friday, 12 October 2007 | Views [801] | Comments [5]

I almost didn't write this email, just so that Richard would be stuck waiting four hours at the Cracker Barrel...I mean it serves him right, anyone that would go to such a laaaammmmeee place deserves what he gets.  But then I thought, why not make this a plea for our paypal account...Which is open and waiting for donations to fund the many trips to internet cafes it will take to please you all, b/c we can only order so many 1Euro hamburgers at McDonalds, before we start growing second heads (and our travel insurance doesn't cover that).  And I just want to warn you all...we are in Europe, Western Europe, which is essentially a nicer version of New York...when we get to India, and South East Asia, communication will be further apart, and Andrew says Sandy better keep extra Bayer around for the anticipated heart attacks that Richard will have.  Also...no we will not be taking pictures of Romanians, for money or otherwise :(  -- both for political persecution reasons, but also because alas...my camera is broken.  Gasp, horror, yes, all those things came to mind.  I don't know what is wrong with it, but it looks like its splitsville for now.  That is until, my dear sweet, Cracker Barrell going favorite in-laws send us, their beloved son and most recently added daughter in law, a care package (details to follow).  SO fortunately for those who were worn out by the numerous photos that dotted our blog, you will have a brief reprieve.

ok -- now for the descriptions.  Marseille is exactly as you would expect it to be if you read reviews.  A grimy populated city, with beautiful view. We got to our hotel (thanks to Valerie, we had a room waiting).  The proprieters were very nice and allowed us to view our room ON THE FIFTH FLOOR, prior to paying the 28 Euros. We trekked up the five flights, with our bags...how excited do you think we would have been to turn around and find another place...exactly. We were happy with the room, it was old, and had peeling wall paper, and holes in the walls.  Which the next door inhabitant informed us, led straight into her room.  After filling the holes with our chewing gum, and plastic bags, we ate sandwiches we had made that morning, watched french idol, and fell asleep. The next morning, we decided we would stay an additional day. There was no shower in our room, but there was a sink, which we made good use of.  Next it was to the tourism office where we located a map of the city and began exploring on foot. There was a really nice harbor and a McDonald's, and eventually we found our way to the Musee d Histoire de Marseille...which we got a discounted faire of 1Euro each...we overpaid.  It wasn't a very interesting museum for us, apart from the remains of a midieval ship which Andrew liked.  After this, we went back to our room for a nap, and some Russian tennis on the French network--the Kremlin Cup if you will.  Afterwards we sought out a grocery store, some two miles from our house, and some beer.  We found the beer--Fischer and nutella.  It was a wonderful dinner.  We had a bottle of wine from Paris, but no wine opener.  Andrew proved he was kind of simple objects by opening the wine bottle with a key...Rather MacGuyverish.  He was very proud of himself, I tried to take a picture but...see above...  Well after two days in Marseille, we checked out of the hotel the next morning, but left our bags, and went to explore the Notre Dame de la garda.  Now, Marseille is in actuality ok. It has a lot of construction, a lot of noise, a LOT of dog excrement, but it has some lovely views, and nice churches.  The walk to the Notre Dame was all up hill (I think it's one of the two highest points in the city), the walk was a little tough, but absolutely amazing.  It was a beautiful church.  Don't bother looking at pictures of it, they don't do it justice, and the views of the city were simply fantastic.  We played a few games of cards, bought a post card  (for ourselves...Dallas, don't get your hopes up), and heded down to collect our bags,  An hour later, we were on our way to Aix en Provence...which is a great escape from the New York-esk Marseille.   The hostel we have is 25 minutes walk from the city centre, but the people here are fantastic, next to Valerie and Benoit, our favorites. They stop when you are in a cross walk, the bus drivers don't let you get off at the wrong stop (in fact I got off and the driver waited until I got back on), and we are pretty sure they have pizza's for two euros each...Andrew's excited, let me tell you.  Oh and did I mention we have a shower and a toilet in our room...it's really heavenly.  No internet though, so we will be emailing with less regularity.  Anyway, that's my post for now....tell me how cracker barrel is :)

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Dear Ms. Thang,

You are only staying off the number one spot of my worst communicator list because of your brother in law Daniel being the one person on earth that checks in LESS than you two.

By the way,the oppressed workers of Cracker Barrel thank you. Due to your prompt (though sassy) response I will postpone visits to Cracker Barrel.

I prefer a mexican breakfast anyway. That and the fact that Mardi has informed me of the waiting line and the double cost. Those are the two things that I boycott.

Sounds like you guys are living it up... what with LOTS of dog excrement and indoor plumbing and all.
You need to let us know about your paypal account. I can skip a donation to the Libertarian Party or the Ron Paul campaign and send it to you IF you play your cards right.
And I note you do play a lot of cards.

You think I worry a lot? I have not begun to worry. this is low level worry. Not yet at ORANGE level like I will worry when you guys get to India and starve to death because you probably can't get big Macs in a place where cows are sacred. How will you live without your one source of food?

P.S. not that it matters but in the news from home report: there was a Dallas Cowboy game that was so bizarre and unexplainable that even you two fancy world travelers would have enjoyed it. Dallas tried every concievable trick there is to lose and still they won.
Tell that to your French Rugby players!

I must go beautify the world now.
Keep the info coming.

  Richard King Oct 13, 2007 2:06 AM


Thank goodness our daughter-in-lawyer is keeping my husband sane by posting updates...you are awesome. (It keeps me from having to say you guys are okay on an hourly basis.) Sounds like a ton of walking, but fun and your new digs are a good deal. Love you guys a ton.

  Sandy Oct 13, 2007 6:21 AM


I love the Cracker Barrel, you can only eat so many refried beans.

  Lefty in the Desert Oct 13, 2007 6:58 AM


Dear son-in-video your wife messeup instead of talking to dad and brother about her broken down picture taker she shouda, coulda, woulda talked to her mom and maybe had a new camara for you two to continue taking pictures but nooooooooo she didn't so guess what you two don't have? Wll daughter don't you wish you would keep your mom in the loop un huh. I am glad you have a shower in your room cause Andrew is really a little to tall to bath in the sink his knees would hit the spout. I'm glad your in a place that is wonderful on view. Do watch were you step as dog poop can really mess up a day. And who said we were worried, we just get really bored and want our lives brightened and our horizons broadened but your words of color and excitment, we really are easy to please and not all that demanding. Richard I have to admit that I went out today with a friend of ours and she wanted to eat lunch and you wont belive where she took us, yes you guessed it Cracker Barrel, even after I told her about Shannon really not liking the place and why she held firm, but Shannon I will tell you I did not enjoy that chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and corn (actually I did love the corn) or the fried apples (I really didn't) or the home made dinner roll. And I really didn't enjoy the diet coke, but Laura did. And I refused to tip that waitress but Laura did, so Shannon I tried to protest for you honey but I don't think anyone was listening. Richard that place was so packed it was not funny and the wait time while wasn't the hour or so that Dylan experienced it was long but they do have that store there that you can shop in while you wait or you can sit in those $129.00 rockers out front and play checkers. You two have a great time and do let us hear from you and do remember to let us know how to contribute to the fund. I am sorry to hear about your camara but Dylan said you worked it out. love and miss you both. mom

  mardi Oct 13, 2007 6:00 PM


how can you say it's nicer than new york, they have to scoop-a-poop there

  mardi Oct 14, 2007 5:40 AM

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