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The Best Drink in France

FRANCE | Monday, 15 October 2007 | Views [1908] | Comments [7]

Today, as Alex and I wandered the streets of Aix-En-Provence, we stumbled upon the best, most delicious, fantastically wonderful drink we have had yet in France. It was in an international bookstore. In addition to being a bookstore, they advertised as “THE British Grocer in Provence.” We walked in, and there were shelves of new and used books mixed with shelves of (hopefully new, not used) canned food-stuffs from Great Britain. We wandered into the adjoining room and Alex stopped. She gasped. She shouted “Yes!” I whirled my head around to see what she was pointing at. There it was, in a giant, glass-door refrigerator. On the third shelf. In neat little rows. Glowing, no, pulsating with deliciousness. It was… a shelf of Dr Peppers.


I know. My thoughts exactly. The Dr Pepper gods heard my call for help and answered it with a hearty “we’re a Pepper too.”

It had been over a month since the sweet, sugary goodness of an ice cold Dr Pepper had touched my lips. Even this morning I was receiving taunting e-mails from my own father about how delicious Dr Pepper was… but today that all changed. We bought a half-liter bottle, me resisting my urge to clear out the shelf, and had a baguette et Dr Pepper lunch on the main street. It was fannnnnntastic. Different, but the same. They bottle these in Prague, Czech Republic. Strange, huh? And when I tasted it I knew instantly (as many of we Dr Pepper Connoisseurs can do) that it was made with sugar and not corn syrup. It was not, however, completely like a Dublin Dr Pepper either. It was its own being. Europe’s “chips” to our “French fries.” Their “flavour, colour, centre” to our “flavor, color, center.” It was different, but its soul… its essence… was the same.

Renewed, I feel like I am now able to take on another month cold turkey (although I do plan on perhaps… stopping by in the next few days to get a refill). But I know now I can do it. And so help me, if I can’t find “THE British Grocer in Kathmandu…” then I will just keep on keepin' on. Because I know somewhere, around the corner, is a bookstore selling Dr Peppers.


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That is flippin' Awesome ! I had some in Edinburgh and I know what you mean.

  Lefty in the Desert Oct 16, 2007 4:57 AM


This is me waking from my fainting spell I had when I saw a NEW post on here.

If it took a miracle like that Dr. Pepper thing to get you to post then I thank God for providing.

Now...I'll just wait, and wait, and wait and wait until Alex posts.
She did mention in a private email (in between lovingly calling me dork and jerk) that this town they are now in is really laid back. I thought oh no another place where these two can do what they are best at...CHILLIN'. We may never see them leave the place.

Annie can you help us get a post out of your old roomie? And by old I mean former not elderly though I hear she is aging quickly.

  Richard King Oct 16, 2007 6:10 AM


Oh my gosh..... Andrew I would get rid of some stuff in my bags so there would be room for the DP. You do know you can get help for this little problem but it is a 12 step thing and if you two are in a realllly laid back place it might take you a year to reach your goal. Now the book thing on the other hand that is really exciting. Do you realize how great books are Andrew, and not the instruction manual either, why you can get so wrapped up in the story it's like your really there in some wonderful remote far-a-way place, oh wait....you are! See how much fun it is getting away from the run of the mill every day world, thats what books will do for you. Baguette and Dr.Pepper? I can't belive you would ruin the flavor and sensation of something so wonderful by washing it down with a DP. Your american side is showing. You do know that if you get a bag of prunes and water to soak them in over night, throw in some sugar and voila Dr.Pepper. Shannon were you as overcome with this find as Andrew? Did they have diet DP? And your in a part of the world that really does not know what ice cold truly means, whats up with that. Ok Shannon time to post so we know where you guys are and what it is truly like, colors, textures, smells, and most important transportation. love and miss mom

  mardi Oct 17, 2007 12:46 AM


I suspect they are in a coma induced by sugar from the Dr. Peppers.

  Richard Oct 18, 2007 2:27 AM


There are precisely 23 different and unique flavors in Dr. Pepper.

  Lefty in the Desert Oct 18, 2007 7:12 AM



In Andrew's world you are quoting scripture.

  Richard King Oct 18, 2007 9:59 AM


"There are precisely 23 different and unique flavors in Dr. Pepper."

And not a single one of them is prune.

  Bobbo Feb 20, 2008 11:56 PM

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