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Allez les bleus

FRANCE | Monday, 8 October 2007 | Views [762] | Comments [6]

Yay!!! The French have won the quarter finals or so in the Rugby world championships! Before I forget...here is the link to some photos that we have taken...be warned...there are a LOT of them...you don't have to look at all of them, so no posts from my complaining mccomplainson father in law that there are too many photos :) http://www.photoworks.com/members/alexking

Two days ago, Andrew and I woke up and went to Versaille. We spent the day there eating, walking around, visiting churches, eating milk shakes at Mc Donald's (an awesome experience)! Then we went back to Paris. Our first stop in Paris was in Montmarte--which as I have said before and I will say again...it's our favorite place in all of Paris. So we went up this long trolley up to the top and took photos of the city, church, and Eiffel Tower. Then we went on a walking tour of the city for the Blanc Nuit. This was a series of modern art light exhibits. The lights ranged from neon, to fire, to flourescent, and the venues ranged from a city park, to a billboard, to a church, to a dance club. It was really cool, and apparently more than one million people participated in it. Benoit told us about it and provided us with a map (yes, I know, a bit silly considering our navigational skills), and then we walked and walked. We were heading for the Hotel d'Ville (City Hall),where large screens were showing the rugby game, but the game ended before we made it there. The revelry more than made up for it though as people started passing us on their motor scooters, and cars, all honking and shouting and cheering.
The next day was the first Sunday of the month, and therefore all of the museums were free. We had saved the Louvre for this day, and so we left home at 8:30ish and made it to the Louvre. (There were no lines!) and headed straight for the Mona Lisa and Venus De Milo. Due to our lengthy walk from the night before though, we only made it about 3.5 hours, before heading for a supermarket and home. Once we got to the supermarket, we bought a can of Ratatouille and a baguette. That evening Valerie and Benoit made us a Belgian dinner. Which apparently means if you eat it for dinner, and the next morning you eat left overs for breakfast too! It was great, bread, jam, butter, hot chocolate, and almond bread.

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Now thats more like it.
You have just earned an entire day of me NOT griping about your lack of reporting. Enjoy it. It will be a rare treat. Always beware of the return of "complaining mccomplainson".
that nick name for me sounds suspiciously like my wife has been talking to you!

Andrew tells me that Ratatouille is going to be one of his personal recipes now. He claims all the Alex recipes forbid tampering and he is not allowed to kick anything up a notch. He claims he owns this one...but then he claims he has mastered the touring of Paris now.

Haven't your hosts been an awesome asset? It will be hard to find a Valerie and Benoit in every country but I think you should try. I bet you never thought of that huh?

Once again good reporting Alex. Bravo pour la femme, égalité pour des femmes!

  Richard King Oct 8, 2007 10:54 PM


I loved the posting, very good Shannon. Well you two are off tomorrow on the next leg of your travels and I really hope you took my advice and practiced the train run so you have it down pat. If not maybe Balerie and Benoit will let you stay with them longer. The pictures were wonderful and I will say you guys are now caught up on them for the time being. There are alot of them so it would be very hard to say which i loved the best, and as you did not title them i will have to guess what they were, is the glass pyrimid the one spoken about in the Devencie(spelling) code? if so I did not have a good picture in my head from the discriptioon in the book. the flowers are beautiful and Shannon I agree Paris is huge and it is not what I had invisoned in my head either. I don't know why I never picture the very tall modern buildings, i guess i want it to be like in the movies with time frozen. it is hard to remember that the world has cities and towns like the US, kind of sad. it would be a really neat place to go see on day. I am glad that your last days were without mishap and that you two enjoyed the feast that your host prepared for you. just remember to collect all the recipes so you can cook it all for us when you return, that shall be the cost of your room and board. just no cheese and tomatoe sandwichs. postings and comments, emails and phone calls do not add up to having you here, i really miss you both, am happy your having a great time but wish we were togather. miss you both so much and love you more. mom

  mardi Oct 9, 2007 12:30 PM


thanks for the birthday present and i promise i will not watch the last episode. But the first evening back in town it is mandatory to watch the final episode, like it or not ALEX!!!!!

  Spanky Oct 9, 2007 12:58 PM


Isn't it awesome standing in front of a da Vinci and realizing, "I'm looking at the same image that a very-long-dead guy did"?

  Kyle Oct 10, 2007 3:45 AM


here is your warning young travelers...

If I don't see a new post on here by Saturday I am going to take my wife out for breakfast at
THE CRACKER BARREL which I know Alex is boycotting.

It is up to you two whether the oppressor makes money or not.

  Richard King Oct 12, 2007 10:10 AM


I know you may not have internet service, but just in case I'm with Richard, post to let us know you arrived ok. But I do know that you have a phone so either write (for free) or call (cost money) or get home as we are all too old to have to sit and wait for word from our children to know if you guys are still kicking and eating or not. I will not go so far as to eat at the cracker barrel not because shannon wants everyone to boycott it but because it is still to new and the wait can take you right from breakfast to lunch and i refuse to have the price of 2 meals (4 if i take parker) at one place in one visit. love and miss you mom

  mardi Oct 12, 2007 12:40 PM

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