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Conversations on the road IV

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 3 May 2008 | Views [916] | Comments [4]

(from Karumba to Ravenshoe)

Jett – Al- bert is a twanger. Albert is a twanger.

Albert – Grover says YOU’re a twanger.

Jett – Grover can’t talk. He’s a toy.

Albert – Exactly! Imagine! He’s a toy and can’t talk and the only thing he can say is Jett is a twanger.

Jett – Albert…



T A J’s dream of doing their own version of the infamous Pussy Cat Doll’s little ditty called ‘Don’t cha’

‘Don’t you wish your girlfriend could cook like me?

Don’t you wish your girlfriend washed your knickers like me?

Don’t cha? Ohhh, Don’t cha???'

We envisage Albert in the video dressed like a girl (again) doing all of these things.

(Idea patented by Albert Vila Sayos)


Testament that Home schooling DOES work!  (29th April 2008)  For some more from Jett’s great conversational moments, take a look here)

Jett – What number month is it?

Tiffany – Well, it was January (I hold up one finger, and prompt him with the next one so he can count it for himself.)

Jett – February, March, June



While drinking our morning coffee, Albert and I were watching at a couple camping with three children.

Tiffany – Imagine having three children!

Albert – We wouldn’t be on this trip if we had three.

Tiffany – We wouldn’t have sex if we had three. But its not such a bad thing, cause then there wouldn’t be a fourth.



Jett – Hey look! It’s the lady from the train station! I’m going to say hello.


Jett – Its not her. It’s a twin.

Tiffany – ‘A twin?’

Jett – She didn’t recognise me, so it must be her twin.


Jett – (groaning) Mum, can you hear my leg?




After watching the glorious Karumba sunset

Albert – What if the sun came back up?

We all laughed and looked and imagined and talked nonsense.

Albert - yeah, but what if??


More proof that home schooling is a success (2nd March)  -

Jett – Its difficult! Its difficult!

Tiffany – Come on. 6 plus 4 equals?

A little while later

Jett – but it is difficult…

Tiffany – But, just look at it. What is 9 minus 3? Niiiyyyeeen minnnussss threeeeeeee? (hoping stupidly that speaking slower and louder the numbers will go in his pretty little head)

Jett – Seven!!

Marge watching Homer walk the pig across the ceiling moment.



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tiff, it has been a week since i heard from u, just about to send a search party, what is wrong with your phone? anyway, glad u r all ok and jett is still in fine form, love mum

  mum May 3, 2008 3:16 PM


Mummy, we are adventuring. We are off on distant horizons. We go where no phone can go. We are - the ambassadors.
Plus they say if you're going out back, choose a different phone company.
Jett's fine apart from having a devastating lot of scratches down his arm. I let the boys have a little walk on their own, and Jett came back a bloody (literally) mess. He's stopped crying now.

  allwelcome May 9, 2008 1:41 PM


I've had some people asking what happened to him.... well, he fought a bear... no? He was almost eaten by a croc! no? aokokokokoko He fell down and scratched his arm on a bush.

  allwelcome May 24, 2008 7:39 PM


BTW, in case people are reading and sighing over Jett's sad predicament (being Home Schooled by a spirit obsessed bad speller who cares not a hoooot for grammar) he's for sale, and if you offer us a good deal YOU can do the slow talking and loud speaking... BUT, he IS a good cleaner..

  allwelcome Jun 5, 2008 11:27 AM

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