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UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 28 September 2011 | Views [397]

ew entry =) Well what happened the last days =) Monday I was in Transitional again. Love that workshop, we made glass mosaic and sang some songs later on. Besides that we had soup for lunch. Yeah soup and some bread and well what shall I say, two hours later I was starving^^ Estate was fine too, somehow it was just a fun day. Everything was going well and I just was in an awesome mood, don´t ask me why. I don´t really know myself.

Today started of well too, Transitional and Bakery on one day, can it get any better? =) Craft and Biscuits =)

Later I had to help out in Juniper, which was actually fun, because it´s more like in a family there and I really love the residents there. It´s fun working with them, even if they are quite difficult. But well I somehow have fun working with everybody, this work just is something I really like doing.

In the evening I went over to the Co-Worker room, well and yeah our Internet is back, but sooooooo freaking slow. And by the way I´m starving again-.- Well don´t know what else to write right now...

Well now, what else happened, a week already past. I tell you time is just flying away somehow.

Wednesday I didn´t do anything, besides sleeping. Thursday was more or less a lazy day, too. Just went to the movies in the evening, but thats another story.

Friday, I was more or less tired as hell and was running around and figuring something out for Vroni, because she came on Saturday. So I got her from the bus stop and she may was a bit shocked, because we really are in the middle of nowhere. For all of you who don´t know her, she is also working in a camphill, but with kids and is here with the same organisation than I am. So Saturday was a quite busy day because I had to figure out what to do with Vroni, while Christina, Simon and me were working. In the end I guess she spent quite some time in the CO-Worker room with my laptop, and I had to help with stuff for the harvest meal. But we went for a wee trip to Callander which was quite fun and the harvest meal was not to bad either. The food was very good, the songs, well half of them was ok, the other half was about god, where I didn´t really sing along.

Afterwards there was a wee dance and I had my dear trouble getting my resident into bed, because she was a wee bit hyper. So she stood there screaming, I got her to go to the bathroom, there she was quite, till she heard the door open and started all over again-.-

After all of this, I took my bottle of whine and we all went to the playground. I maybe shouldn´t have emptied the bottle in 20 minutes xD Because I somehow don´t remember everything from that evening. For example I don´t remember myself crying, nor how I got back and some other things. Which is kinda weird, because now everybody who knows me, knows, that I just have blackouts when I´m really drunk, which means throwing up xD But I was not even sick in the morning and I supposedly still could walk. So the evening was fun, even if I don´t know everything xD

But it was nice to have Vroni there again.

Sunday was just a relax day, which meant watching movies all day and doing nothing. Which was very lucky for me, because that way I got some sleep.

Monday, well yeah was my hospital episode-.-

Don´t really want to talk about it, seems like something isn´t right with my heart, now I have to get a check-up from a specialist. And going to a scottish hospital is so not fun, I swear you could die in the waiting room and they wouldn´t even notice. It takes hours till somebody actually comes.

Besides that after all that crap I was just exhausted, ate something and went to bed.

Today I just worked in the house, but not in my workshop, because supposedly I looked like a “walking death” yeah thats exactly what I would want to hear-.-

So I got my sleep and now I think I am fine again, so nothing to worry about, tomorrow afternoon I´m off either way, so it´s going to be a nice short workday^^

So that´s about it now. More soon, well and more detailed, just to lazy to write more right now :P

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