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UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 19 September 2011 | Views [539] | Comments [1]

There are,

days that make you think, force you to feel, ask for conclusion.

No matter how won-der-ful the day was,

something is missing...

Missing resolution...

Missing, missing,

a not definable substance that is essential for,

your life...

Well hey there, I haven´t been writing since a long time, actually since some weeks. But so many things happened I just forgot about the time. I got used to my workshops, well Bakery is for sure my favourite not just because of the good food, but also because it´s the most fun.

The workshop leader is great, he is somebody who understands a joke and will joke with you all the time. I already adopted him as my second dad :P No never boring in Bakery =)

estate, well what am I supposed to say, we have to weed, cut grass and clean the tools, I hate it. The only good part was the recycling when I was able to rescue some good books, but besides that freeking boring....

Basketry, well K. is working there, the person my resident is obsessed with, and I don´t know what to think of her.She is a very nice person, but she is spoiling my resident like hell, what means shes expecting to be spoiled and handled like a princess, which I won´t to, because she can to it by herself she´s a grown person.

The only nice thinks are the walks there when R. is a bit hyper and need to calm down. I love those walks, they are quite relaxing....

Woodwork is fun but also a wee bit boring because we are not really doing anything there, like in all the other workshops, I mostly feel useless here.

Would be great if we would get more work to do....

Well that´s my workshops, I love meeting the people there, like cuddly persons, that hug everybody, more quite one, funny one....it never gets boring and there is always a new challenge...

Thats something what I can say about my resident too...she is lovely and cute when she is in a good mood, but she can be crying and being annoying, too. So she was behaving the last weeks, because she had a lot going on, but now she started to be more, let´s say herself. She is quite spoiled what means she expects me to do everything for her, which I just won´t to at all. First of all she´s a big girl and can put her clothes of herself ot bring her cup in the kitchen. Second if I do it once I probably have to do it always and third heck you know me, I am kinda lazy.

But no please don´t laugh I actually manage to wash my own stuff and my room is quite tidy(don´t have another choice, still have to share it) I clean the bathroom, my residents room, the kitchen and so on, who would have thought. I even like cooking here, because otherwise we just would get soup(when our houseleader is on) cheese macaroni or burger(when M is on as staff) or some done food(when D. is on) and S is on holiday right now, but she just cooks amazing.

About the stuff I have to say, S you never know what she really thinks, but she is a lovely person. M. is the youngest, just funny and really understanding, Houseleader, well strict, too stirct but always fair and actually a good person. D. maybe sometimes a little bit lazy but a nice person and also very understanding and honest. Can´t really complain about my staff, love them all the way they are =)

And now back to my resident, well she is my responsibility. She is lovely, like when she is dancing, giving me a good night hug, talking with me, looking through stuff. She is fun and more intelligent than people think she is, she just gets underestimated because she can´t talk, but if you watch her closely, you´ll notice that she understands everything and actually knows more than anybody would guess. I think I try learning some real sign language with her, because the Makathon is not enough for her, she would be able to talk in real sign language and we are just going to learn now some words to start with and hopefully more and more, so that we can have real conversations.

I also want to do a lot with her and try to become her friend, I want to work with her, not for her, I think if she realizes that, we will get along. And hell if she wants to scream, not my problem,I just leave the room, till she calm down =)

By the way I have been hanging up my pictures, now I got a pictures wall,so that I always can think about you guys. I have to be honest, I don´t miss Germany yet, I don´t miss the persons yet, which doesn´t mean I don´t love you. I just don´t have the time to miss anybody yet, and the people here are so lovely that I just can´t complain or feel lonely.

By the way there are rumors about me and five men xD to two of them I don´t even talk to, they are more Christinas, but somehow people get us mixed up all the time. Well because we look soooooo alike(sarcasm) she has straight hair, plenty of pircings and looks totally different but hey fun if everybody gets us mixed up.

By the way, mum you are the cutest thing ever, thank you for the soup and the hairthing, I love you for knowing me so good =) It feels great to know you are always there if I need your help and I appreciate your thinking about what I need. I wouldn´t know what I should do without you, thanks for being my best friend.

Well talking about friends, so much fun, going to the Safari Park, playing wii Mario Cart and cooking together. The people I meet here are like me, we all have the same reason for beeing here(more or less) and somehow there is nobody I really don´t like. Sure some people annoy me from time to time, but most I just love.

I learn a lot here, from others, from my work, from myself.

I still am not very self-confident, but that´s nothing new, I´ve never been it. I just act and play tough because it makes life easier, but here I notice that I actually can do something, I´m good at certain things, I am not one out of thousand, not anymore. But I still have a long way to go, before I really can love myself.

And before I can´t figure that out, I doubt that anybody can love me, so know you guys have to wait, no romantic stories yet.

By the way I am going to get a tattoo now, I flower three up my back...

I design it myself and I think it will be awesome, and not even to expensive.

Talking about money, saving right now for my trip to Indiana. Yeah finally I am going to visit everybody. My flight goes to Chicago, where I will stay for a few days and see what I can do in this city and than down to sweet Celestine. can´t wait to meet everybody again. It´s going to be amazing. I recently phoned with Marla and it was so amazing to talk to her again, I really missed her. I probably am going to call soon again...

Besides that, we right now have some trouble with the people working in Juniper, because they are not allowed to work right now. A woman saw supposly something that never ever happened and now all of them are on break, till the truth gets confirmed. So much trouble and so annoying....

But it´s scary how easy people can misunderstand certain situations....

Besides that well I am going out on my free days as often as possible, but one and a half day are just not enough, work gets kinda tiring because we can´t really get any distance to our work and can´t really relax because it just is not enough time. This work is not hard, but very emotional, which is asking more from yourself, than bodily exhausting work would do... but it´s still fun, because every smile or mastered challenge give you knew confidence and new experiences...

B< the way I know shopped everything I needed concerning my clothes, but I have problems with the British, Scottish style because it´s just nothing I would wear and it never ever would look good on me.

So it´s very hard for me to actually find some clothes I like and would wear...

Now something about my weekend. We went shopping and I have to say I was a wee bit scared, because my resident is well, she loves shopping, but she wants to buy everything =/ But I told her if she behaves I would braid her hair, so that she can have curls and I tell you she was behaving perfectly, I was stunned. We had bought her a scarf and noo it´s not a pink one. I was wearing a black one and she wanted one than too, so cute =)

We had coffee and cake later and went back. It was a lovely day, I really have to say so. She is like the cutest thing ever, for example when you turn music on and she dances than. Also she is a wee little princess, but she is asking everybody to do something for her, besides me xD Yeah she realized right away that I won´t serve her and she is accepting this without any trouble.

I love working with her, because she is not easy to handle, it´s like this big challenge and I hope we will find a good way to work together =)

Well and today we were cooking together. She was helping me a great deal and I turned the music on, we were singing and dancing. We made Chicken risotto with roasted cauliflower and well for that that it was my first time ever making Risotto, I think it was pretty good. I just love cooking here, it´s fun to try new things =)

Afterwards we watched a movie and had cupcakes(which two others made) It was fun =) We kept on watching Tv, Thomas the Train -.- I swear I hate Thomas, it´s like the most stupid thing ever for kids, because that freaking train is so spoiled, quite annoying. Especially if you have to watch it for hours...After supper me and my resident were watching a movie, while I was breading her hair. She went to bed a bit late, so I hope she won´t be to grouchy tomorrow.

So that´s it for today, I try to write every three days now, because I totally forgot it the last weeks.



haha yeah i love how they get us mixed up all the time. i still can't understand how you could possibly manage that, but oh well... and well no comment to the guys. i totally do not know what you're talking about ;)

and by the way: i love you, hun. if that counts for anything :)

  Christina Sep 21, 2011 8:49 AM

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