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Cambodia 5 Months In....And Waiting, Waiting, Waiting For The Rain!

CAMBODIA | Tuesday, 13 Jul 2010 | Views [344]

Sometimes I find it hard to believe I’ve been teaching in Cambodia for more than 4 months now….the weeks just seem to fly by, even though I’m writing days and dates on the whiteboard every day! When I got back from Australia we started getting ... Read more >

Home!!! And then the worst trip ever.....

CAMBODIA | Monday, 24 May 2010 | Views [458]

My trip to back home to Australia was fantastic.   It was odd though – the moment I arrived home, it felt like nothing had changed and I had never left, which I wasn’t too keen on.   At first, I thought it would be easy to leave again…though, for ... Read more >

On The Road Again - or more accurately.....In The Air Again!

CAMBODIA | Monday, 19 Apr 2010 | Views [542] | Comments [2]

Another well-overdue update!   Well we’ve been here in Stung Treng for more than six weeks already – we now rent a room in a house which is pretty much halfway between the school and the town, so it’s handy.   At $40 a month you can’t really beat ... Read more >

Catching Up...!

CAMBODIA | Friday, 12 Mar 2010 | Views [546] | Comments [4]

Wow.   So much has happened in the last few weeks, I’m not sure where to start!   We spent a week in Siem Reap and then caught a boat to Battambang.   That was an interesting trip!   There were about sixteen of us crammed in on a small, barely seaworthy-... Read more >

The Next Adventure Begins!

CAMBODIA | Friday, 19 Feb 2010 | Views [491] | Comments [6]

We flew into Bangkok at lunchtime on Thursday and only ended up stayed there on Thursday night – it was packed street to street with tourists and didn’t really appeal to either of us.   We took the train from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet (the closest ... Read more >

Almost Time To Say Goodbye........

AUSTRIA | Monday, 8 Feb 2010 | Views [345] | Comments [2]

No doubt this will be the last entry from Austria – we leave on the 10th February! We booked a flight to Bangkok a couple of days after we got back from Barcelona – leaving at the end of January wouldn’t really give us enough time to get organized, ... Read more >

A Quick Trip To Barcelona :)

SPAIN | Friday, 15 Jan 2010 | Views [596] | Comments [3]

Back in Austria now, but I have to title this one from Spain so it comes up on my ‚countries visited‘ list!   We left Vienna on Friday afternoon, and left behind a shitload of snow – at the airport, we were sitting on the plane and ... Read more >

Happy New Year!

AUSTRIA | Monday, 4 Jan 2010 | Views [426] | Comments [2]

I’m not sure exactly where 2009 went in such a hurry….but seeing as it included coming back from Kenya, my trip to Samoa, a hell of a lot of stressful work, and then leaving to go to Austria – that might be why it seemed ... Read more >

Away For Christmas.....Again! ;)

AUSTRIA | Tuesday, 22 Dec 2009 | Views [681] | Comments [4]

I really should stop leaving it so long between entries but time keeps getting away from me! Hmmmm, now to catch up……the weekend after I last wrote, Josef was at a basketball game so I decided to go for a wander to the shop ... Read more >

Oops it's been awhile!

AUSTRIA | Wednesday, 9 Dec 2009 | Views [440] | Comments [3]

Hmmmm so much to catch up on!  We went to Vienna for a couple of days early last week - which is about a 30min train ride and then two trams to get to the friend's house we were staying at.  It's a lot different to home...for one it's huge!  The buildings ... Read more >

3 Days In....... :)

AUSTRIA | Monday, 30 Nov 2009 | Views [496] | Comments [7]

Thought it was about time I tried to sit down and actually do an update!  But where to start.......the flights, I guess.  The flight from Sydney to Taipei felt SO long - we boarded the plane and then had to wait for an hour so I actually dozed off ... Read more >

Ich bin gut angekommen!

AUSTRIA | Friday, 27 Nov 2009 | Views [399]

I finally made it here and am now trying to type on Josef's odd Austrian keyboard and keep hitting the wrong keys....opps, will get there eventually!  Tired. I am so tired.  SLEEPY TIME...........!!!!!!  Will write more later xxxx

Two down, one to go....!

TAIWAN | Friday, 27 Nov 2009 | Views [311]

Ahhh they are about to start calling the boarding call for my flight and I only just found internet!  Gah!  The flight here was SO bloody long, I can't believe I've got an even longer one ahead....but very much looking forward to the end result!  Sleeping ... Read more >

Here We Go Again.....

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 26 Nov 2009 | Views [355] | Comments [2]

Back at Sydney airport, not even 4 months after I was here last for Samoa....and just under a year from when I was here this time last year for Kenya - how time flies! Only a quick note as we're about to board, but I already had my first mini-drama ... Read more >

Yes, I am still alive....just got slightly sidetracked ;-)

SAMOA | Thursday, 13 Aug 2009 | Views [240] | Comments [1]

Hmmm...how to catch up on the last six days?!  So Friday, Friday was our tour around the island and it was fantastic.  We went to these "blowholes", except they are right on the edge of the water on the rocks and they suddenly woosh water really ... Read more >


SAMOA | Friday, 7 Aug 2009 | Views [280] | Comments [4]

Ok, so trying to describe the place I'm staying at the moment...there seems to be one "main" (but not big) road which winds it's way around the outside of Sava'i.  Sometimes it goes right near the water, otherwise it is seemingly in the middle ... Read more >

Hello Samoa!

SAMOA | Thursday, 6 Aug 2009 | Views [231] | Comments [3]

I'm here!  Flew in late last night/early this morning, and the first thing I thought was how hot and sticky it was at 1am in the morning!  The airport was tiny but lovely, lots of plants and trees and flowers around the little building that you walk ... Read more >

Farewell Australia!

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 5 Aug 2009 | Views [291] | Comments [2]

Hi all, just a quick note from Sydney as we are about to board. Here I am off on my next adventure, heading to Samoa for a nice little tropical island beach break! I knew I'd be off and away some time again this year - was originally supposed to be ... Read more >

It Couldn't Be That Easy...

SOUTH AFRICA | Saturday, 10 Jan 2009 | Views [357]

I'm finally back in Australia, have just flown into Sydney, but this journal is coming from how I was feeling in South Africa seeing as I couldn't find any internet access when I was there!  Yes, I flew through South Africa and not Bangkok!  Funny how ... Read more >

Goodbye Kenya!

KENYA | Thursday, 8 Jan 2009 | Views [422] | Comments [2]

Here I am on my last day in Kenya, I can’t believe I’m flying out tonight. The safari was absolutely incredible, I had a ball with the boys, and the scenery there is just amazing. It really touched my heart to see the animals in their natural environment ... Read more >

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