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18 Reasons to Love Travel Blogging

WORLDWIDE | Friday, 24 June 2011 | Views [419]

I will admit, I did find this somewhere not that long ago so unfortunately I can't entirely credit the author (woops). But because I'll always find the time to talk about a subject near and dear to my heart, I will give you the 18 reasons why I love travel blogging:


1. You get to share your stories with the world.

Ta-da! This one is a no-brainer. By travel blogging you get to create a story and have a platform to share it with others. It seems to be one of the most instinctual parts of living, being able to talk about what you did. It just feels good.


2. It’s an easy way to let your friends and family know you’re alive in one fell swoop.

Are you tired of customizing email after email to your friends and family back home? A blog lets you do it all in one simple step!


3. You can connect with other travellers with similar destinations and/or interests.

By owning a travel blog, you put yourself out there and become searchable in the big ol’ Internet. You might be surprised who comes looking for your assistance when they need to research a destination.


4. You get feedback on travel issues and dilemmas through discussions.

Have a travel concern or an issue with your travel plans? Chances are blogging about it will provide a number of responses from those in the travel community (if you’ve done your work to get noticed already). The commenting system on blogs can often provide for more discussion than what occurs in the actual blog post.


5. You get to brag.

You kinda-sorta get a space where you can brag to others about all the cool stuff that you’ve done involving travel. Of course, there is only so much a reader can take. Be smart with your bragging.


6. You can make money with it.

Through affiliate programs and advertising, travel blogging can make you some money. Be warned — this does not come easy, but it is a possibility. More money means more travel, right?


7. You could get free trips from it.

If you’re really good, and really persuasive, you could very well score some free stuff — anything from free gear to free familiarization trips. Again, this takes a bit of work to get to that point, but it can happen!


8. You can prepare a digital scrapbook of your journey as you go along.

I had every intention of putting together a scrapbook after my study abroad adventure in Italy, but it turns out that a semester abroad can result in a totally overwhelmed feeling when trying to organize it after the fact. By blogging during your trip, you are creating a keepsake that can last you forever without all the post-production stress.


9. You can share your expertise and tips with interested parties (instead of boring friends & family).

Look, your friends and family back home are not really going to care about what you did when you were gone. For them, life went on as normal. Do them all a favor and keep your really long-winded drivel for the travel freaks that give a damn. If you blog it, they will come.


10. It can help you create a backup of your travel photos.

By putting photos in your blog posts, there will at least be a copy of those photos on your server if something should happen to your computer. It’s definitely not a replacement to a proper backup; still, it’s a perk.


11. You get a forum for improving your writing skills.

The best way to stay fresh and even get better is to practice!


12. You can use it to showcase writing in order to get writing gigs.

You don’t necessarily have to make money directly on your travel blog. A blog gives you a perfect way to showcase to editors that you have what it takes to work with them.


13.You get an excuse to hang out on the Internet.

You don’t need to explain it to me; I know. Sometimes you just can’t take heading out to see yet another gothic cathedral in Europe. Instead, you can take some recovery time under the guise of needing to finish your next blog.


14. It helps you overcome feeling lonely when you get comments.

Even if you’re traveling solo in a place where you can’t speak the language, there’s nothing quite like logging in to your site to see that a few people have left you some thoughts. It just makes you feel special.


15. It gives you purpose in a very uncertain world.

I’ve heard from several travel bloggers that they enjoyed travel blogging as it gave them something to structure themselves to while on the road.


16. You could inspire someone else to hit the road.

Is there anything more rewarding than reading an email that explains you’re their inspiration to follow their dreams? I mean, is there??


17. It can be a good outlet when you need it most.

Oh yeah, blogging can be a good release, especially when you’ve encountered some sort of travel mishap. I’d suggest holding back a bit on what exactly you say, however, if you want to be a part of a larger community.


18. So, 17 awesome reasons to love travel blogging wasn’t enough?


Please, tell. Do you have a number 18 you’d like to share? Drop me a line below!

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