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About tizleilani

Welcome to Lani's blog, which chronicles her travels as of Nov 2009 (travels prior to this are irretrievably archived on...*gasp!*...paper).

So, who is the woman behind the cyber curtain?

Lani is a true-blue kiwi girl and recent university graduate who, because of her escapades, is yet to debut her role as a high school teacher. She is passionate traveller, a lover of all things nature, is obsessed with various forms of liquid (namely snow, the ocean and Khalua), the colour green, and as evident here, enjoys referring to herself in third person.

Like any world nomad her life’s primary goal is to do and see as much of the world as she possibly can in the short time she has on Earth. Consequently her bucket list is endless, so we’ll save that for another time and place.

You are heartily encouraged to leave comments on my blog - I value your feedback and discussion is always welcomed.

Peace and Aroha x

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